Monday, April 28, 2008

Nana Jan and Papa Mark got to meet Morgan.

Marks parents were able to stop in for a couple of days to meet their FIRST grandchild and with having three boys of their own, the first girl too.  

Daddy and Me -

Her little hands can't even wrap around his one finger. 

First Day at The Beach

Morgan update - Specialist Visit Today

Today Morgan went to see a Pediatric Cardiology Specialist about her heart murmur.  Sadly to say it is still there, BUT... it is very small and the area of where the murmur is the good news is that the two flaps that are supposed to be closed, are at least overlapped and are hitting each other.  The doctor feels that they will eventually slap together and stick and close the murmur.  
However if it doesn't close on it's own he said that it is small enough that it shouldn't disrupt her day to day life and shouldn't be of any concern until later in on adult life (50 plus years of age). 

He is going to send her pediatrician a letter so he can monitor it at her appointments and then the specialist will see her again in one year.

Little girl did NOT like all the test and wires being hooked up to her while they viewed and took pictures of her little heart.  She cried so hard and held on to my finger as tight as she could until she gave up and went to sleep.  

Although this was a bit disappointing to learn today after the last appointment encouraged us by thinking it had already closed.  We know that GOD had a plan for her and I have faith that it will close and that all will be okay.  We ask our friends and family members to continued the prayers.  

PS:  Our little piggy has gained another 9 oz in another 5 days weighing in at 8 lbs 10 oz.  Go Morgan!!!

Magazine has arrived - sneak peak incase you don't get a chance to check it out.

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To breast-feed or not ---

Well I personally am pro-breast-feeding.  I breast fed Hunter for about 5 months.  It wasn't always easy and yes it was indeed very painful.  However my little man was very much worth it and I wanted to be the best mom, giving my child the best form of food.

I very much wanted to provide the same to my little princess and gave it my best.  However it turned out really bad for me.  I ended up with a breast infection, running high fever, with chills and flu like symptoms. Along with that I was bleeding, crack nipples and engorged liked you wouldn't believe.  I was in so much pain I wanted to cry the thought of her next feeding (which was every hour and half or less for she would often like to just nurse as if I was a pacifier).  Showers were not fun, getting dressed was not fun, trying to lay her on my chest to burp or snuggle with was not fun.  So I did what I thought was best and stopped after a long hard week of trying and put her on formula. 

You want to talk about feeling guilty.  Try looking at your baby who is very upset and confused as to why mommy is rejecting her breast milk and sticking this bottle in her mouth.  She did not like it at all at first.  However she has adjusted well and is gaining perfectly.  

Now that she is using bottle other family members get a joy out of the feeding bonding and I get to enjoy her a lot more with less pain.  Here are just a few shots of her getting to be fed by loved ones.

Big Girl Bath -

Morgan had her first big girl bath this weekend and she LOVED it.  

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Update on Morgan -

Great news.... the doctor believes he did not hear the heart murmur today and that it has closed up.  He still wants us to see the specialist next week to just reconfirm what he heard today. Yea!!! God is good! Thanks for all the prayers for I received such a great amount of feed back and it makes one feel so good to know that your little girl has so many that care about her and took the time to lift her in prayer for her health.  Thank you.

The doctor also said that she is growing perfectly.  They expect to see babies grow an ounce a day at this age and since our last visit (5 days) ago Morgan has in fact gain 9 ounces.  So she may have her daddy's hearty appetite.  Today she weighed in at 8 lbs 1 oz.  

The remains of her umbilical cord came off two days ago so she can now have her first big girl bath.  That should be interesting!!

She is starting to be more alert.  We call it coming out of her newborn comma.  (smiling) I will say though that I have never known of a baby that smiles and actually laughs in their sleep than she does.  It is so cute to watch and just blows me away that she actually smiles and laughs, which explains the sonogram pictures I have in 4D with her smiling.  (see below on past blogs) Here is a picture of her smiling that I tried to capture with the camera but the flash always startles her before I get the full smile or giggle. Will have to try to get it on video next time. 

We love you Morgan.  God has your little heart in his hands. Thank you GOD for answered prayers, we know you have big plans for my little butterfly! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Prayer Request for MORGAN -

I wasn't going to post this until after Morgan's check-up appointment with her doctor tomorrow, but then I said to myself that there is no better time than NOW to start the power of prayer for my little girl.

We took Morgan in for her check-up with her pediatrician last week.  The doctor went on and on about how healthy she was, how she hadn't lost but 2 oz of her weight since leaving the hospital and no jaundice.  She was perfect!  He said most babies come in at least having lost more weight and with some jaundice to them, but not our little Morgan.

So as proud parents we sit there with smiles on our faces.  The doctor then tells me we can get her dressed and he will finish talking with us.

By the way the doctor is actually a friend and neighbor of mine so first of all I trust him completely and second I assumed he was just going to finish chatting up with us before sending us on our way.

However then he begins to tell us that Morgan has a small "heart murmur" (google it) and although this can be common among newborns, most of them close up by themselves with in 48 hours of being born and we are on day 5 for Morgan during this visit.

He then tells us that he has a guy that is a specialist and would call him up as a personal favor to have him take a look at Morgan with an ultra sound.  When he called this specialist, this doctor just happened to be in the neighborhood and wanted to bring his own daughter to my doctor for an ear ache.  How lucky right?

So we wait on his arrival, while I breast feed Morgan and while Hunter is hitting his first GRAND-SLAM in his baseball game that I was not there to see. The doctor finally arrives and takes a look at her heart and confirms that yes, Morgan does seem to have a heart murmur.  He believes it will be what they call an "innocent murmur" and it will close on it's own, however to be sure he wants us to bring in Morgan next week to look at it with the ultra sound.  

Although both doctors keep telling us to not stress so much over this..... as a parent and this being our own child how is that possible to "not stress or worry"? It isn't! 

With all that being said, Morgan will go in tomorrow morning back to her pediatrician for another check-up and I would like to ask everyone to pray that when we do go back tomorrow morning, that her doctor is able to tell us that it has closed on it's own and when we go see the specialist next week he too hears a perfect healthy heart and that GOD decided to close up her little heart murmur and that there is truly nothing to worry or stress about.  

So can you all PLEASE say a prayer sometime today for my little Morgan that all is well and that God wraps his hands around that tiny little heart and calms it down and closes it up and whispers in Morgan's ear that everything is going to be just fine. 

Thank you!

First Times -

My little super star has booked her first movie.  As some of you may know Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are filming a movie here in Miami "Marley and Me".  Morgan has been booked to play the role of Jennifer Aniston's new born baby scene next week. 

Fun, right?

It's pretty exciting and we will of course keep everyone posted on how Morgan does with her first booking.

To keep the first going....

Hunter shot his first goal in his hockey game last week.  He will be traveling with hockey next year.  Pretty cool.

Hunter also just last Saturday hit his first GRAND SLAM at his baseball game.  

Of course mommy misses both exciting events being home with his new sister, but grandparents were in town to enjoy it.  

And another first....

My husband had his first STRIKE-OUT in his men's league softball game last night.  I know not so much fun in that one, but hey it's a first!  Considering the last three games he hit the ball out of the park.

As for me...

I am enjoying being a mommy for the first time to a little girl.  

Deja Vu????


Thursday, April 17, 2008

The proud grandparents -

My mom and dad (Billy and Ann) are in town from Texas staying for two weeks.  They are a great help and treat to have here.  They are proud parents of grand-baby #7.  

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Proud Daddy - (click on images to zoom photos)

Daddy was AMAZING through the entire thing.


Born April 14, 2008
Weight - 7 lbs 11 0z
19 3/4 long
Beautiful and Healthy ......
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