Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Day in the Life of Kate McRae {Praying!!!!}

Today Kate had her MRI and the news was not what her prayer worriers or her family had hoped to have received. They are broken and scared for their little girl. The tumor is still very present, although shows signs of shrinking. They were hoping there would be none at all on her MRI today.

Sometimes pictures don't give you the real deal of emotions that a child or a family is experiencing through such hard times. I found this video of Kate titled "A Day in the life of Kate" and I watched it a couple of times with my little girl sitting on my lap. I started bawling, and Morgan turned her face to look up at me with such concern. All I could do was kiss her and tell her how much mommy loved her. Oh how thankful I am.

This video I feel gives you the REAL Kate. The Kate that is simply a little five year old girl. A sister to two siblings. A daughter to her parents. An owner of her new dog. She is going through something I wished no child should ever have to go through.

Right now the doctors and her parents have huge and delicate decisions to make on the behalf of this little girl battling an ugly monster called 'brain cancer.' The burden is heavy on their hearts tonight and they have asked for a prayer chain tonight on Kates behalf.

Will you join in and pray for Kate?

Pray for ALL the children. Children are special. They are gifts. They are innocent and fragile.

Please take the time to get to know "A Day in the Life of Kate."

Here is her CarePage if you would like to visit, keep track with updates or leave them a comment.

As you can see she has lost a ton of movement in her right
leg and arm.

Here is Kate wishing everyone a Happy New Year.
So lets pray for Kate to have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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