Monday, March 30, 2009

Stellan Update - Winds of change!

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Critical Condition: STELLAN!

I know I posted a cheerful post before this one today....but then I read this and realize, I can't NOT post about this today.  This is priority right now.  I copied this from Fort Thompson blog, a blogging friend of mine and felt it was perfect to copy and paste here.  Please God, protect this little boy.  

Stellans heart is beginning to fail. His heart is still in SVT and not able to supply all of his little body with blood. There is no longer any pulse at all in his feet. His body is beginning to turn pale as his heart continues to fail. It is a miracle in itself that he has made it a week now in this condition.

A new treatment plan is being put into place now. There are no details on this new plan yet, however we hope something can still be done in time. By the way, today Stellan turned 5 months old.

I appreciate all of you who have left comments that you are praying with us for little Stellan. He needs our prayers now more than ever. Please continue to lift him up as well as his family, and leave a comment here to let all know that you are doing so.

Will you pray with us?

Love and Prayers,

Brightening the Mood today with MY GIVEAWAY!!!

So its true I have had an emotional week, a crazy busy weekend with my sons baseball tournament, in which by the way let me shout the CHAMPIONS!!!!  Then to a little 11 month old baby girl who ran fever all weekend, but didn't complain about it too much, to photographing my very first wedding.  You get the idea of just how busy I have been this weekend now right?  

I need to cheer up, and I need to help cheer up others out there and today is a GREAT new day for that.  I was invited to guest post on a blog that I have come to know, called 7CircusClowns.  Angie, the author of the blog, is a very fun gal, always sharing fun post and over all just seems like the girl that you would want in your circle of friends.  

She is on vacation and to keep her blog active she has had guest post for a week now.  I meant to post this before, so that you could all stop by and check out all her guest post, but time and it, slipped by me, and before I knew it, we are onto another week. However, its never too late.  I have great motivation skills, and got what you need, to get you over there today.... A BIG GIVEAWAY, by ME, on HER blog!!! Wait a second.... before you forget about me now and rush over there for the giveaway, be sure to say hi to Angie over there if you like, but don't forget to read the entire giveaway post and come back over here with your entry request.  Cool!

Now go have some fun exploring another blog and learn how you can become a ......??  Well, just head over to 7CircusClowns and find out yourself. 

A little sneak peak of my very first wedding that I photographed yesterday.... there are hundreds to go through but here is a little peek.

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