Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Honey ~

So as I type this it is 11:57 PM.  Let's see if I can finish this and be done and on my way to bed by midnight.  

As all is sleeping in the house, but mama.  I went out to hubby's car to place some goodies in and around the drivers seat. Wanting to give him a surprise and make him smile, now isn't that a way to start his birthday day? 

To help him see how loved he is.... he got a card from his 3 biggest fans. 

To one little girl, her daddy is her world.

If not playing video or board games, or butting heads...  one little boy secretly calls him friend.

For one lucky girl, with her heart all a glow.... can't stop thanking God for all her gifts he bestows.

We are a family of 4 plus 2, yes... can't for get the furry ones too. 

Although not perfect...... we come pretty close (not!).

We just want to take a moment in this post, with riddles or not.... 

To say Happy Birthday to Mark...... WE love you with all our hearts! 


Plus he got...

1. Two "manly" DVD's 
2. Two CD's Queens and The Who
3. A one hour deep-tissue massage certificate

It's late.... Ill try to post pictures of some kind later of hubby on his birthday! 

Urgent Prayers needed RIGHT NOW!!!!

5:00 PM Update - Click HERE! 


I feel as though I can't type this fast enough. I read this on MckMama's blog this morning on my way out the door to my sons Field Day event.  I just got home only to read the update that its getting VERY, VERY serious and SCARY to say the least.  We ALL know MckMama's blog, and we all know the MIRACLE story of baby Stellan.  

Ill give you as much detail as I can here as quick as possible, and you can head over to MckMama's blog for the rest.  However, most importantly we ask that you stop whatever you are doing and say a prayer for this little boy. 

A boy that is already a miracle. A boy that wasn't supposed to live to make it to his birth.  A boy that left the hospital 'healed' and healthy.  He has been sick and was taken to the ER yesterday night, when after a second dose of the nebulizer for his breathing and wheezing.  His heart went into SVT (Supra Ventricular Tachycardia=very high heart rate)super fast heart rate = not good. They ended sending him to the Children's Hospital by ambulance from that hospital because they were unsuccessful getting his heart rate down and or his IV in.  

Still, as of today, they have been unsuccessful to get his heart rate down.  This is BAD!  No one especially babies can go that long with such fast heart rate.  They have sedated him as of this time, they continue to try different options and drugs to stabilize him and to slow his body down, in hopes to get his heart rate down.  No success right now.  They even have tried giving him a drug that makes his heart STOP beating for a brief second or so, so that when it starts back up, they hoped it would start to beat regularly.  Still no success.  

This is a very serious and scary situation. They have no answers right now, and relying all on the peace of God.  He has healed Stellan in a BIG way once, so they know that HE has Stellan in his hands and in HIS plans.  

As parents, you can imagine how frightening this is.  To trust HIM with big faith, but at the same time NOT KNOW what that PLAN may be for your very own child.  

I have become friends with MckMama (Jennifer) and we often communicate via email.  I am so proud of her for how she is handling this.  She isn't sure if it is the state of shock, being exhausted or what, but she likes to believe that its God that is allowing her to have so much peace in this.  That's awesome and beautiful!!! 

Please spread the word, stop and say a prayer.  This little boys heart beat has been STV for a long as is, and if they can't get it to come down.... my mind can't even begin to imagine what that means.  JUST PRAY!!! 

Thank you. 

Not Me, Monday!

It is not me that is trying to gain weight so that I can start working out and building muscle in this skinny body of mine.  I in no way ate a toasted peanut-butter and jelly sandwich, with cheddar and sour cream ruffle chips, and a huge class of whole milk for ENTIRE week last week.  

I would never think to admit or post something as ridiculous as that, along with posting actual pictures of such foods to be eaten for breakfast. I mean who in the world (especially female) would think to eat a PB&J sandwich for breakfast?  A freak? 

I would also never think to post or admit something like this, because I know that it would be very difficult for other women out there to still accept me as a friend.  Right? So I would never admit something like.... so no matter what anyone tries to tell you.  It's not my sandwich in these pictures.  Not me!! 


So what, you got me.  That is my hand in that picture. I was "hand-modeling" for a client.  You believe me right? 

And not one of you ..... I mean it.... better send me hate comments or mail.  Calling me skinny is like calling a fat girl fat.  I hate it! I struggle with my weight as ALL women do, but I just struggle with it a different way than most.  So where is my support here?  :)


Now head over to MckMama's blog and see what others so did not do.  
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