Thursday, October 30, 2008

Night Two: Morgan Sleeping

I know for what I am about to say here in this post is probably due to the fact that Morgan is starting to feel what I have been dealing with this week.  However, regardless.....Thank you God!!!

As I mentioned yesterday, I am doing what I have been advised by my friends, family and Morgan's doctor, and refusing to feed her at her 2:00 AM wake-ups. Tuesday night was my first night, read previous post and well last night, my daughter, she slept from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM, not waking up or even fussing a little tiny bit.  I don't think she has ever slept this long uninterrupted before?

In fact, I was so shocked by it, I kid you not, I kept waking up thinking I heard something, to find myself starring at the monitor to see if she was a wake.  To then starring to see if she was still breathing. I got up twice to just check on her, touch her and make sure everything was okay.  She was fine, just really tired I guess.  

So around 8:15 Am I softly touch her cheek and she opens her eyes and looks up at me trying to focus her sleepy eyes and then gives me the most precious smile ever. You could see it in her face, she was rested.  She still sounded a bit icky in the nose.  However, after the day we had yesterday and the way I have been feeling, I needed that sleep too. 

Lets see how night 3 goes!!! And, yes, I sleep with eye masks.  Its the only way to go man!!!  

Breaking Free Day by Day - First Blog Devotional


For I satisfy the thirsty person and feed all those who are weak.  

         Jeremiah  31:25


Today, is the first week devotional of 6 that we are doing.  I hope that you enjoy it and check back every week for our Blogging Weekly Bible Study.  

I encourage you to please read the scriptures out of the bible that I post, so that you fully understand and see the context in which these verses are used.  I want to speak "The Word of God" and not be one of those that can abuse or misuse the scriptures context.  



Can you think of anything you've worked hard at to attain that ultimately failed to bring you the satisfaction you expected?  We can easily be led into captivity by seeking other answers to needs and desires that only God can meet.  


I can think of a few things that I worked really hard on, thinking it was the missing piece in full filling me and making me the most happiest.  Acting - Yes, I love acting. I have a huge passion for it, and I have loved it since I was a young child.  My mom loves to tell the story about me as a kid, how I would always watch a movie, and then I would go to my room or outside and act out which ever character I found most interesting in the movie.  Modeling was also a fun passion for me.  My friends and I would save up allowance every week, and then we would go buy film for our cameras to play "photo shoots and models".  My mom still to this day has some of the pictures from our old modeling days.  I may just have to help her dig them up and post some to give you some giggles.  

I always said I would live in LA or Miami, next to the beach, in a big city and where I could do both my acting and modeling.  In Jr. High School, I explored band and drill team, by my freshman year of High School I then became athletic, drifted into being the school mascot "Black Panther".  I really loved getting to be free in my creativity. I loved coming up with my own dance routines and entertaining the fans.  By my sophomore year I tried out for the cheerleading squad and made it.  It was the coolest moment ever for a girl to make "try-outs" of the cheerleading squad.  In Texas, it was a "big" thing to play football and be a cheerleader.  Laughing just thinking about it!!! So silly right? But, I didn't know better or different at that time.

Well, I have completed and followed my dreams.  I have been a model and actress now for about 12 years.  I have lived in both LA and Miami (residing in Miami).  I have travel around the world and seen some amazing places.  I was doing it all.

However, I still didn't find myself to be fully satisfied.  Something was missing.  


Perhaps we each have experienced an empty place deep inside that we tried our best to ignore or to fill with something other than God. 


Finding myself still feeling as though something was missing or that I just wasn't 100% satisfied.  I began to think that it was because I didn't have "someone" in my life to share it with.  So I began finding myself trying to find that someone to share it with.  Only to end up with more disappointment, more heartache and closed roads.  Why am I feeling this way?  I still pray.  I still talked to God.  So why do I still feel this way? 


A crucial part of fleshing out our liberation in Christ means allowing Him to fill the empty places in our lives.  Satisfaction in Christ can be a reality.  He can make us feel complete.  I'm not talking about a life full of activity.  I'm talking about a soul full of Jesus.


That is why I was feeling that way.  I realized after many years of working hard, pushing harder and finding myself so distracted and busy with activities in my life.  I no longer had time for a relationship with God.  I no longer was attending church regularly.  I wasn't letting God be a full time part of my life, just a piece of my life when I prayed or wanted to ask him to help me land an audition.  Basically when it was a convenience to myself, as much as I hate to say that and admit that.  I dislike those type of people who only will be there or do things for others, only when it is convenient for them and or they are getting something for it in return.  Too many people are like that. Some of the closest people in our lives can be like that and they can be hard to love.  I was like that with God.  No wonder I wasn't getting answers or finding myself fully satisfied with my life. 

When I decided to turn my life around, attending church, getting back on track and giving ALL of myself to God.  Things in return started to change and fall into place.  Falling in place God's way. I gave myself fully to God, not allowing myself to really date or be involved in any type of relationship.  I made a promise to remain sexually inactive until I was married.  Making myself clean and pure for my future husband.  It wasn't always easy, but I trusted in God's plan for my life and for the future of my life with my son as a single mom at the time.  

After a long, long 6 years of what I would like to call hell, I finally broke down to God on a late ride home from Disney.  I cried and told God that I was lonely.  It has been 6 years since I have had someone that I could love and that loved me in return.  God, was doing some amazing things in my life during this time no doubt.  And, God surely likes to show off sometimes (one of my favorite things about him), for the very next day at church, I met my husband, Mark. I kid you not.  We both had been attending the same church for years but not once did our paths cross.  I would always sit in the front of the church and he would sit in the back of the church, and we always seemed to attend different service times on different weekends.  God was working in both of us and decided that it was time that we met.  We went to lunch that day after church with some friends and the rest is history.  Almost 3 years later, married for 2 and now parents to two children my son Hunter 7 years old and our little girl Morgan 6 1/2 months old.  

I am satisfied in full.  I have my relationship with God. I have my children, my family, my friends and someone to share it all with.  

There are days where I still feel like I am missing out on that other side of life. I know that is satin trying to mess things up. The fun, exciting stuff that comes along with acting, modeling and traveling, is all very attractive to the eye. Then I talk with God and I am reminded how lonely I was when I had all of that other stuff. I was too busy for anything else. It consumed me. I have just enough of everything right now. I have the right amount of modeling, the right amount of acting, the right amount of traveling and I have a whole other part of me that balances it all out, the kids, the family life and the mommy and wife side of things. 

I would never change a thing about my life right now.  I am so totally and abundantly blessed.  God has been so amazingly good to me and continues to full-fill my needs, not my wants necessarily, but my needs.  In truth, I don't find myself having many wants.  Just finding myself in moments of thinking I have wants to be met.  Then I am thankful of God for a lot of my unanswered prayers.


Father, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all you have and continue to do in my life.  Thank you for never giving up on me and loving me even when I didn't deserve your love.  Thank you for where my life is today. Thank you for my two beautiful and healthy children, Lord.  Thank you for my home I have to keep clean, and bring my family home to rest in.  Thank you for the food we have so easily provided to us daily.  Thank you for the circle of friends you have given me over the last few years, Lord.  Thank you for meeting my needs at always just the right moments.  Thank you for my career Lord, and for having my husband to share it all with.  

Lord, I know I still have days where I think I could still be doing more or I feel lost because I am not being more than just a mom or wife.  Thank you for always reminding me that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, and I rejoice in knowing that I am here,  because this is where YOU want me to be.  Although, I may not feel like much of a super hero and or feel as though I am doing much for the world in your name, Lord.  I know that I am a hero in my children's eyes, and that by raising them the way you want me to raise them, Lord.  I am in fact doing a lot for the future our world, by raising two Godly beings. 

Thank you for honoring me to be in my childrens and husbands lives. I am honored you chose me to share in their story that you have already written out.  I am truly amazed and thankful for you choosing me to be ME! Thankful not for those you chose to be in my story, but for those stories you chose me to be in (my daughter, my son, my husband, my friends, my family). 



Please feel free to leave a comment, question or prayer request. 

Until next week......

God Bless.

Today's Daily Christian Wisdom -

What is past is past. Today we start anew, and what we do today will make our life for tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Book of Dreams

I'm obviously new to this, considering this is my very first time EVER to make my very own digital scrapbook art. I don't know how to take out part of images that I do not want in there yet, (the green background in the photo of Morgan I took) and I am not so sure that there is a way to do that unless you do it on photoshop. And, well, we all know that I haven't learned squat on my photoshop stuff.   So I tried to hide it with some sparkles and angel wings, to make my angel, more angelic. I did this entire image from scratch.  I'm loving it!!! 

It is very addicting as I was told.  I am going to call this one my "Book of Dreams".  I am so looking forward to putting together some photo albums for grandparents for holiday gifts. 

Good Night, I am off to bed!

PS:  I am still so thrilled about MckMama and Stellan's status today.  Go God!!!! 

Ugh, my whole family is getting sick!


Both, me and hubby, woke up Monday morning not feeling all well. We sort of shrugged it off to allergies since we had a bit of a cold front hit us here in Florida. Today is now Wednesday and we do not feel any better.  In fact we both feel worse and now Morgan has it.  She is fussy, keeps spitting up and can't breath when nursing a bottle.  To top that off, I had to take my kitty to the vet today because he appears to have blood in his stool again.  Sigh!!  On the way home from vet, my car sends me an alarm saying "reduce engine performances".  Yea, the last time I got that message we were stranded at Disney in Orlando, when the car would not accelerate over 40 mph and we had to have it towed and drive a rental back to Coral Springs in the rain.  So, I call Land Rover and they send over a tow truck to pick it up.  My friend comes over to get me so I can get a rental from Enterprise, eat lunch and for the rest of the afternoon I have been doing my best to take it easy for my body hurts.  I can't breath and my baby girl is just as cranky.  I am sitting her counting down the time on the clock for when I can feed her cereal and put her to bed and get myself in bed.

Speaking of bed, last night was my first night to refuse Morgan her 2:00 AM feeding.  I got up and soothed her by rubbing her back and straightening her in her crib.  Sat in the rocking chair and let her fuss for about 10 minutes.  And when I say fuss, I mean just a little fuss, nothing dramatic at this point.  As she started to get a little wound up, I soothed her again, straightened her back up in her crib (she likes to turn sideways and gets herself stuck) and then I sit back down for another few minutes. This time she is getting a little more upset, so I get up and I soothed her by rubbing her head gently and slow.  I do this and she starts to doze off, until she finally did.  I was impressed for although it took about 45 minutes, it went smooth in my book! I went to bed, not 15 minutes later I hear her moving around and starting to fuss again and I quietly say to myself "no, no, no....go to sleep baby girl!".  As I watch the monitor from bed, she goes back to sleep and stays alseep till 6:30 AM when we get up around here anyways.  Go Morgan!!! Let's see how tonight goes!!! 

So, as I am sitting her trying to buy time from wanting to take some sleeping drug and sleep away this cold/allergies/flu for the next 3 days. I decided to play around and learn how to do MY OWN scrap design.  This is what I came up with on my very first try from scratch. It is simple, and it was fun. I want to make some for my own photo albums I plan to put together.  Scrap booking, I see, can become addicting.  Its fun, its easy and so up my alley. I wasn't good at the "real" scrap booking stuff.  Just couldn't ever find the time or get into it.  Anyways, take a peek at my first design!!!!  I just used photos I already had of the kids on file. 

Ugh....cranky pants is getting really upset so I better get off this computer!!! 


So I was a day off..... GREAT NEWS THOUGH!!!

Big Mac, MckNugget and Small Fry joyfully announce that they now have another brother!!

Our long-awaited little MckMuffin has finally arrived...(click his name below for more details)

entered the world this sunny fall morning
at 10:19 am, CST
weighing 6 pounds, 10 ounces
and measuring 19 inches long

As you can imagine, there is a lot going on here at the hospital. Please thank God with us that little Stlellan is here and be in prayer for these first hours of his precious life. 

The NICU attended the birth--which went very smoothly--and Stellan is with the NICU team now. MckMama is recovering and, in spite of a pretty low blood pressure, is feeling well. She has seen Stellan only briefly, but Prince Charming has been back and forth between her and baby Stellan. When she is stable, she'll be wheeled on her bed down to see their new baby.

Details on exactly how Stellan is doing as well as photos of the sweet baby will be forthcoming. But, let's just say that Stellan got a 9 and a 9 on his APGARS and the NICU team has yet to find a single thing wrong with him...

Happy birthday, sweet Stellan. You are God's miracle to us and you are finally here!!!!

Yea, GOD!!!!! 

Hello everyone! I have been following an amazing mom,MckMama, through her blog for the last several months. She is pregnant with her fourth child, and at 24 weeks gestation, she was told he had a heart problem and would surely die within days. She is now 36 weeks, 6 days along and is set to deliver baby Stellan tomorrow morning at 9:00 am CST. God has worked a miracle in this little baby, but he still has an enlarged heart and the doctors aren't sure what to expect when it begins beating on its own upon delivery. MckMama's friend, Esther, has set up a prayer vigil for tonight and tomorrow for MckMama. Feel free to hop on over and check it out and sign up for a time if so moved. If not, please just say a prayer for Stellan's safe delivery and his health thereafter. This is an amazing story.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Little Gangsta & Fairy Butterfly

I think I may have out did myself this time.  I LOVE these shots I got of Morgan this morning.  Although it is COLD out this morning in Florida, she was a trooper and a beautiful little fairy.  The lighting was so nice on her.  

I also played around with some different photoshop fun.  As always just click on the collage to see in zoom mode.  

I figured I would take these now and share because we know it will be impossible to get any "nice" shots on Halloween night. 

Here is my Little Gangsta!  These pictures were actually taken by his dad at a Halloween party they attended last weekend, thus the red eye that I was not able to fix.  You know, I just didn't want these to reflect on "MY" photography skills. *wink-wink*

Monday, October 27, 2008

The 'Prince and The Pauper' on DVD in Blockbuster

Okay, so I can't post about Morgan's little movie without talking about Hunter's.  I have noticed that each time Hunter hears someone talking to me about Morgan's movie, he tells me to tell them about his. I can imagine him reading this post and then asking me "did you post about my movie too?"  LOL  I can now say "but of course I did honey!". 

Again, if you are new to this blog, Hunter and I both were in the movie "The Prince and The Pauper" starring Disney's twins of Suite Life of Zak and Cody (Cole and Dylan Sprouse). It is in Blockbuster on DVD now.  Click HERE for the movie details and trailer.

In this movie Hunter plays Tom Canty when he was a little boy.  In the movie you see Tom saying "I miss you guys" and you see a fake family picture with Hunter and I in it.  I play Tom's dead mother.  They used this picture of Hunter and I,  showing it throughout the movie.  In one scene Tom has a dream when he was younger dancing for his family (that's me cheering him on the couch) and that is Hunter as Tom (dancing in the green and white shirt).  

It was such a great experience for Hunter because Hunter is such a huge fan of the twins.  They were cool with Hunter, they signed a poster to Hunter, which is now hanging in his room for display and as well as took pictures with Hunter and played football with him in the parking lot.  So if you haven't gotten a chance to watch it take a peek.  Your kids will enjoy the movie in itself! 

Marley and Me movie coming this Christmas

Click to view! 

If you have been a blog follower of mine, you may remember me talking and showing off pictures of Morgan in the arms of Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, filming the upcoming movie "Marley and Me"? 

I can't believe it is finally almost here.  Mark and I went on a date Friday night to watch "Fireproof".  What a great movie and I highly recommend anyone struggling in their marriage, or any married couple for that matter to watch this Christian based movie. 

As we were walking into our movie, this huge display for the "Marley and Me" movie hits us in the face.  I just got all giggly at the thought that my little princess is going to be in such a cool movie and millions around the world will get a glimpse at her when she was only a tiny 2-weeks of age.  Awwwww!!! Makes me want to cry! 

Click HERE for the movie trailer!  It looks like a really fun movie for the entire family. Although Morgan is not in the trailer, the scene in which you see Jennifer in a wheel chair holding a little baby girl in pink.  We were right there on set waiting for Morgan's turn, but the other baby was so quiet that they got the shot and did not use Morgan that day. The following week when we were called back to shoot another scene.  Morgan plays a little boy named Patrick.  Her scene will be the first child Jennifer has (a little boy Patrick), and the very first moment they arrive home and introduce Marley (the dog) to Patrick the baby (Morgan). The dog starts sniffling all around on Morgan and if they show the one scene where Marley actually tries to take a little nip of Morgans foot.  

I hope everyone gets out to see it!!

Trick or Treat

This past Friday we took Morgan, Payton and Hunter with some friends to the Coral Springs Gymnasium, for what was supposed to be a "haunted house".  However, when we arrived it was filled with bounce houses, activities for the kids and what we will call "haunted rooms".  One haunted room was just the right amount of scariness for Payton and the other little Kylie who are both 4 years old, but the boys were just too cool for either haunted house, so instead they went around and hid in the haunted rooms and would jump out and scare people as they walked through.  

The kids ended up having a blast.  Morgan wore her Halloween colors of orange and black, and she also wore shoes.  Too cute! FYI:  Her shirt says "" that a friend got for her. It was a late night for the little princess, she fought hard to not fall asleep and was pretty darn cranky by the time we went to get pizza afterwards before heading home.  But, for the most part she was a big trooper and she wasn't even the slightest bit of scared walking through those haunted rooms.  In fact she said hi to a few creatures.  Oh the innocents of not knowing what is scary or not.  Got to love it.

Obviously, I got more pictures of Morgan, she is the only one that would actually stay still or pose for the camera.  Well, sort of, after all she couldn't go very far strapped on to her daddy in the harness.  Hunter, I couldn't get to stop for a picture. The picture above is in the parking lot before getting inside the place.  Boys will be boys!!!!  It was a fun time. 

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Today's Quote 

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.

By his divine nature, Christ is simple. By his human nature, he is complex.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm back from a little hiatus.

Hello, I am back from my little hiatus.  It was wonderful. I feel refreshed, I feel I got things done and I feel like I gave my heart and mind a little emotional break from all the sad stories I read every day on here.  Although, now I feel guilty because of how easy that sounded that I could just stay off my computer and be free from any emotional pain by choice, while the ones actually dealing with this pain are forced to live it each day forever and ever.  Sigh!  

I promised my husband I would stop "torturing" myself and would instead focus on the good in our lives, while praying and having compassion for those living through their pains and losses.  So I will post about my family today, my joys and my blessings. The ones that "TAKE MY BREATH AWAY" and give me continued reason to wake up each day and sing "Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory-Glory, children of the Lord". 

Me Post:

A little memo about myself and then tons of new post about my kiddos.  I know this is probably the longest post I have ever put together and I am proud of myself for how I did it.  (laughing) I am caught up today, Morgan is napping and I had time to get in all my post from this week.  When I don't post every single day, there is more to put in one post to catch everyone up.  You know what I mean jelly beans?

About Me:

1.  I went and had my full body exam of moles last week.  She found a suspicious mole on the left of my stomach and did a biopsy on it. I just got the call back yesterday saying that its not yet cancerous, but that the cells where changing under the microscope.  That means for now it is an A-Typical Mole, it has quality and signs of becoming cancer, but is not pre-cancer right now.  So, they want me to come back in next week so they can cut just a little more of the area out (wider and deeper) in hopes to get it all out now and not have it turn into cancer, and go through what I just went through with the cancer on my forehead.  Sigh!!  So that is good news and bad news.  I'm still blessed!!! 

2. I am starting a small bible study with one of my blogging friends, Daniella (click here for her blog), since I am not able to physically attend the women's bible study at my church on Wednesday, because they do not provide childcare. I was thinking that I will post either Wednesday nights or Thursday mornings a little summary from our study each week to let you be a part of it. 

If you are interested in a little weekly devotional, check back here each Wednesday or Thursday.  Or you can even click to the right of my page and join the "follow me" group.  This way you will automatically get updates when I post.  Please leave comments, thoughts and or questions you have. I promise to do my best with researching out the answers and providing you with the best possible response I can.  I am looking forward to this new study time.  It gives me a way to get in my weekly devotional with other women, not by myself and in return maybe provide someone else who needs a little boost each week the same. 

I will do this for about 6 weeks and see how it goes doing this via Internet, blogging and so on.  After the 6 weeks, we will revisit and see if its workable this way and worth continuing. So join in on the fun and lets see what God wants us to hear.  In the process we can make new friends and have a prayer group. Which means you post your prayer request in my comment box and I will post the list each week from the following week for the group to pray for. Love it!!! 

Okay enough about me, have fun reading this weeks "happenings" and please remember to leave a comment.  That's the fun, entertainment and adult interaction I get in my day.  

Morgan Post:
Pilates Momz and Babies

Today, I signed Morgan and me up for Pilates Momz Workout Class.  It is 6-weeks (once a week) class for $58.00.  I have been going to the gym now for the last two weeks and Morgan is doing okay in the childcare. However, I thought it would be fun to do a workout with her and so we are giving this a try.  How cute right? It is every Thursday, starting next Thursday, so we shall see how it goes.  I have never done Pilates either so this will be an all new experience all around for us. 

The Lion Keeper

One of Morgans favorite things is to pull the kitties fur off of them.  I feel bad for Milo, but he puts himself right next to her.  He his so patient and gentle with her.  Waits on me to rescue him and doesn't try to handle her by himself (thank goodness). 

Today I got this with the phone camera because as I was downloading other pics to the computer, this happens.  Look at Milo's face, poor guy.

I say if anything "Milo will be what will get Morgan to crawling".  Here kitty-kitty!! 

Ear Piercing

It seems I am one of "those" moms.  Yes, I took my daughter in to get her ears pierced after our photo shoot Wednesday afternoon. We did it, she did great and it was over with.

Until.... I couldn't let it go that her right earring was just a little too low and too far back from the left piercing.  I asked anyone I came in contact with if they could tell the difference, some could and some couldn't.  So I thought I would just sleep on it and try my hardest to get over it, so to not put her through that again.

I wake up, it still bothered me, so I took her back and the nurse looked at and saw what I was talking about. It was not a huge difference, but enough that it was going to keep bothering me.

So, we took out the earrings, and we are going to give it a week or two and do them again.  This time I will mark the spot myself where it should be.  The doctor said that the right ear was marked just a little off and that he would move the earring in when he pierced it, and he did, but just not enough.  When you looked at the ear alone it looked great, but if you compared the two ears or looked at her from straight on, the right earring pointed at an angle and outward just a little much for my likings.  Take a look at the picture at large (click to zoom).  You can see better where the earring was, just how low it really was and at the green arrow where the earring should actually be and will be placed next time. 

All they had are the gold earrings to provide us, saying they are sterile and have special backings on them so the babies can't pull them out and choke on them.  After six weeks are so we can then change out the earrings to something better.  Can we say "diamonds" since that is her birthstone after all?  *winking*

Chasing Fireflies Catalog Photo Shoot

Wednesday, Morgan and I did our first 'mommy and daughter' modeling job.  We shot for Chasing Fireflies Catalog. A beautiful catalog of children's clothing and accessories.  Morgan and I modeled this really pretty green and white sling.  You know the cloth like ones that you can wrap the baby inside or they can sit up on your hip type sling (not baby Bjorn harness).  

Morgan was actually too big for it and she wasn't liking it so much, but they got the shot and they seemed pleased with both baby and mom.  I had this lady take some pictures of us, but she was the child wrangler, which means when they are shooting her job is to entertain and keep the baby looking up and toward camera, so she was not able to get actual shots of us with the sling.  But if you know this catalog and shop in it, let me know when you see us in there please.  Anyways, here are the shots we did get from our shoot.  We shot at this BEAUTIFUL museum called Vizcaya down in Coral Gables.  I have shot there before, but it has been so long. I forgot how amazingly beautiful it really is. I may have to make a trip down there to shoot some photography stuff.  

(click on image to zoom)

Photo Booth Fun 

This week we went to the City Hall at the Mall (hey that rhymed - hehe) to get Morgan's passport.  We are going on a family cruise in January to Mexico.  

While we were there we came across this photo booth and decided to surprise daddy with a card and some really cute pictures of his girls.  

Morgan thought it was pretty neat seeing herself up on the screen.  I love these shots. I have pictures I did like this with Hunter still.  

Morgan looked adorable in her passport photo. When we get it we will share.  

(click on photos to zoom)

PS:  While at the mall (a place I never go to unless I have to), I walked through Macy's, after all I did park in their parking lot.  They were having a great sale and so I did a little shopping for Morgan. Gosh, what adorable clothes they have there.  As I am checking out the lady tells me that if I open a Macy's card I would get an additional 40% off.  I took stuff from the clearance rack which was already marked down 25%, today they were having an additional sale of 30% off on top of that and then I would get an additional 40% off of that??? That would be 95% off of things by the time said and done.  

I am not one to have many credit cards. I once got myself in debt and it took me a few years to pay it off and clear up my credit, so my rule is that if I can't pay for it in cash then I don't need it.  All I have is a regular bank card and one visa just for points and emergency use. So I turned it down the and left. Well, it lingered on my mind all day, thinking of that additional 40% I could be saving today on the clothes I just purchased for Morgan.  And I ended up going back in the afternoon to get my Macy's card.  So in return, I got a welcome "to the Macy's family" greeting, a free umbrella and that additional 40% of her clothes.  It was worth it and I think I like Macy's stuff enough that I will follow the days the have sales so I can get great stuff for my kids for great prices.  Yea me!!! 

Let's Compare Today 

If you are one of my readers, you may remember THIS post in which I posted pictures of me, Mark when we were babies, to compare who Morgan looks more like.  In those pictures I posted in that blog, everyone agreed she looks more like daddy (and she still does).  However, I wanted to share something in which I find to be really neat.  Hunter looks very much like his dad, BUT... when he smiles he then looks more like me.  Well, same with Morgan now.  She looks (and is) every bit of her daddy (feet, brow, ears, head, booty), except for the three little things which are mine (eye, nose and mouth).  Think of it this way, draw a little circle around just those three items on Morgan and you see ME.  So when she smiles she looks a lot like mommy.  Don't you think?  Click on image to zoom if you are a new reader. 


Hunter Post:

He loves his baby sister 

When Hunter returned from his Boston trip last weekend, Morgan and I took him on a date to Ruby Tuesdays'.  Hunter was just as excited to see his sister.  They were having a little moment and conversation to themselves, and I only had my camera phone to capture it.  Look at that smile on Morgans face, she loves her big brother.  

Hunter Updates

A few other updates this week about Hunter:    

1.  We attended his Safari Book Fair Wednesday Morning at school.

2.  Hunter got gum all over his hockey uniform travel jacket and I used "peanut butter" to get it all off. I am very proud of my home remedy that worked.

3.  Hunter, all of the sudden seems to be allergic to peanuts or strawberries.  His face broke out in hives/rash not long after having a strawberry smoothie and a bar with peanuts in it yesterday.  Dad took him to the doctor they gave him some Benadryl and the emergency shot stick.  So now I have to take him (again) to be tested for these things. Again, today the nurse called me to say that Hunter was in her office with some welts on his face (same way it started yesterday). This morning for breakfast he has a strawberry yogurt bar.  She gave him Bedadryl and it subsided. 

4.  Last, but not least, we had teacher/parent conference yesterday and Hunter received a wonderful report from his teacher. The best report he has ever received in fact.  She said he was respectful, he is a leader, he is friends with everyone and he is advanced in all subjects and loves his math.  As well, does really well with reading out loud to his classmates.  God Job Hunter!!   

Animal Project 

Hunter had his first "project" due at school today. He had to make his project about an animal.  The idea was to use a shoebox or a poster-board to make its habitat, being as creative as possible, while listing on index cards these three (3) facts:  1) The group it belongs to 2) What it eats and 3) Where it lives.  Then on another location you were to list three (3) other cool facts about your animal.

So, he chose to do his project on "Cheetahs".  We recently watched a DVD called "Duma" about a really cool Cheetah.  So we researched the facts on Cheetah's, he drew up his idea on another sheet of paper and then we took the crafts we purchased and put our creative minds to work.  This is the final project.  I think it looks really cool.

If you look closely (click on picture to zoom), you can see that we used feathers for the tree leaves.  We uses Africa beads on the tree bark, we used fuzzy wires on the tree and to make frames around the index cards.  We printed out and glued on some really cool images of Cheetahs.  We used gold glue on the sun, made clouds out of fuzzy wires and made land and grass out of material.  Hunter then drew, colored and pasted on these Africa birds he made up.  Take a look!!! 

I just got the word after picking up Hunter that the teacher chose his project to hang up in the class for display.  Pretty cool, Hunter!!!!

Sports Clips Hair Cut

We recently tried out this place that my husband went to recently for a hair cut called, Sports Clips.  

Hunter enjoyed the sport theme and they did a great job on the hair cut.  

For men they can pay $22.00 for a V.I.P. session, which included, a hot towel on the face, a neck and shoulder massage and shampoo.  Well, yea for everyone but the good looking men that walk in there. They gave the little "additionals" to my husband for free when he went alone in there.  
A bit tacky don't you think?  Ugh - Women!!!! 

O'well...I'll go back for Hunter's cut anyways. 

Election 2008

At Hunters school they are teaching the kids about the elections and why voting is important.  They even made the kids their own voters registration card and voting booths.  So cute!  Tomorrow, Saturday, Hunter is going down with us to put in our votes, and he has to get a voters sticker/stamp to put on his voters card and return to school.  Even though I am not into politics at all..... my vote starts with "Pro-Life".  

Hunter recently read a sign that said "Abortion kills a baby in 24 seconds." That's awful.  He looks at his sister with such a sad face and said "I know who I vote for." Morgan is putting her vote in too. 

Flag Football 2008

It's that time of year again, new flag-football pics of Hunter.  Mark is coaching again too. 

At one point during this weeks game, Hunter was handed the ball and on his way to run for a touch down when they get a whistle blown.  Hunter forgot to put his flags back on and caused the play to be stopped.

He was embarrassed and upset about it, thus the picture of Mark sitting next to him, trying to cheer him up.

Pokemon Ball

Poke'mon - 

Hunter still loves his Pokemon, second after his Bakugan toys.  If you have boys I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about. If not, you can google it this time if you really want to know more.  (winking)

I am always fascinated by Hunters creative mind and his artist skills.  He really is good.  Tuesday morning while he was eating cereal before school, as he finished he was all excited and called me into the kitchen.  When I arrived, he quickly pointed out to me that the shadow on his milk sitting in the blow looked like a Pokemon Ball.  Sure enough I look and it did.  I was so surprised by Hunter's artistic mind (because only I would see something like that in a bowl of milk) that we had to get a picture of it.  Pretty cool? I am sure for some it will be like looking at an ultrasound image and not have a clue as to what you are looking at or for.  

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ugh!!! Not Me, Monday!!!

Short and sweet -

1.  No, I did not wake up at midnight at any point this last week because I smelt cat poo lingering in the air, only to wake up to see that my kitty (who is getting old) had litter stuck to his paw, bringing litter into my bed and actually 'leaking' (as gross as that sounds) a little bit of poo on my pillow case.  

In which I did not get up VERY TICKED OFF because I feel like I can never get any sleep as is, to change sheets and pillow cases on my bed at MIDNIGHT, when Morgan wakes me up at 2:00 AM for her feedings, then to get up at 6:30 am to get my son ready and off for school.  Not Me!!! 

2.  No, I didn't lock myself and my 6 month old daughter out of the house for almost an hour, and no I did not post about it before. Not Me!!!

3.  No, I didn't leave my daughter sitting on the couch alone, only to let her roll off of and hit the side of her cheek on the round wood part of the autumn. Not Me!!!

4.  No, I am not taking a few days off from the blogging world, because it does not consume up too much of my time when I should be doing other things.  Not Me!!! 

I can't lie...... YES, YES..... I did all the above and YES, I am taking a hiatus for a few days to a week from posting or reading blogs.  I am going to use this time to catch up with some friends via email, write my WILL letters and get a little organized around the house.  

I hope everyone has a blessed week!!!!  

PS:  Morgan and I booked our first mommy and daughter modeling job on Wednesday.  Ill try to get behind the scene pics for when I return from my hiatus and post about it then.  Last but not least, I am going to go post some of the shots from the Ron Jon Surf Shop stuff to my modeling blog after I am done here.  Check them out if you like.  

My Three Blogs:

Well, today was a lazy day (sort of).  It's a gloomy Monday day here in Florida.  However, I like it like this.  It is breezy, not too hot and just feels so inviting.  So, I wanted to take it easy today because my weekend was pretty busy, and well, I am just feeling tired today. So, instead I decided to play around and create some new blogs.  Please click on the blog names below images to check them out.

This will be a blog for my photography. It will mostly be used for my own use, but you are more than welcome to stop by anytime to check it out.  I look forward to watching my photography grow.

This blog I made to post modeling stuff on, work stuff and news etc.  However, I am not so sure I want this blog just yet.  All I know is that I don't want to post modeling/work stuff on my family blog.  I want to keep it about my family and family life stuff.  So if I post about myself on that blog, it will be about life, not modeling.   My website is having a make-over and so it may not be necessary to have a blog.  I may use this modeling blog to post things "in the now" stuff, like if I have a new catalog cover out, our tv commercial airing or new photos that won't post on the website.  Well see.... who knows, it may just sit here and do a whole lot of nothing, but check back from time to time just incase. 

And you know what this blog is about, "Those beautiful people in my life that take my breath away".

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My First Pumpkin Patch

 Yes, today I had my very own first time experience at a 'pumpkin patch'.  I don't know why I have never been to one before and I don't know why I am just now getting around to one.  However, I went today with the kiddos.  

It was a bit hectic if you ask me.  It probably wasn't the best idea to go on a weekend, but then again there are pros and cons to going and not going on the weekend.  Pro is that you have activities there for the kids (snow cones, music, bounce house, pumpkin painting etc).  However, it is nearly impossible to get a clear picture of the kids without people in the background of your photos and all of the distractions (that would be the con).  Hunter had a great time playing with the other kids.  Morgan on the other hand was not happy that mommy woke her up from her nap to take her to this place of craziness.  

At first I gave up with trying to take pictures and said that I would just come back during the week.  So I walked around, let Hunter play and tried to keep Morgan from getting too fussy.  I attempted a couple of times putting Morgan down near some pumpkins for pictures, but all she wanted to do was eat the pumpkins, fuss about the grass she was sitting on and not look up at the camera at any cost.

I think I got enough cute shots though considering and decided this will do without having to go back during the week.  It was our first experience and we will know how to better prepare ourselves next year.  Take a look at the pics (click on collage to zoom). 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I need your vote -

Okay I do feel kind of silly posting these shots on here. I think I may start a separate blog for modeling and one for my own photography, so I can keep this one only about my kids, family and life stuff (not about me).  However, for now, here they are for those that keeping asking me (Jennifer, Michelle and others ...LOL).

Basically the photographer narrowed down his favorites and then some, I then went through hundreds of shots and narrowed it down to about 78 photos.  Went through them with my husband, then I narrowed it down to these few final shots.  I have to put together a new composite card.  I have one more photo test to go, but for now I need to pick one (1) shot from each group you see below.  So, if you wouldn't mind I like to hear your picks.  The letter to the picture is below that picture.  So you should give me a total of about 7 favorites if you give your one for each shot taken.  

Keep in mind this is my new hair cut and highlights.  BUT...the pics of me in the blue shirt and white pants, and jeans, white tank and black top on bed... those are the pics I shot the day it rained on us and I didn't like how blonde my hair looked.  So the pictures at the beach are another day, VERY windy day with my low lights put back in.  

PS:  Next Post I will send you pictures from the Ron Jon Surf Shop pitch we did.  And a composite card is a giant business card with tons of pics on it that you hand out to clients on castings and auditions. Maybe Ill post the comp card I am trying to replace for the new season? Should I? 

The images that were originally posted here have now been posted on THIS blog page.  

Friday, October 17, 2008

I've been tagged -

1. I can drive with my left knee, while eating a burger and talking on the phone. (Did I just admit that?)
2. I eat, play pool and feed Morgan with my left hand.  I'm RIGHT-HANDED!
3. I don't like veggies!!
4. I don't eat sweets or deserts, but I do like kid cereals. (FrootLoops with Marshmallows - anyone?)
5. I have straight teeth and never had braces.
6. I don't like scary movies.
7. I have bunions and I want to get rid of them. Yes, I have flaws!!! (winking) 

So who are the lucky bloggers that I tag? (Randomly Selected) 

Click on each name to visit their blog! 

The Unthinkable - (Wills and Trust)

That is what I am working on today.  I already had a life insurance policy for Hunter when I was single, but some how this year the payment was missed causing my insurance to expire.  I am in the process of trying to get it reinstated.  I am locked into a annual fee of a very low rate for 20 years, because I was 24 years old when I applied for my life insurance.  The younger you are the healthier you are considered to be.  

As frustrating as it is to have to be going through this request of reinstatement, I do feel that maybe it happened for a reason.  A reason for good or for bad or even both. I am looking at it for a reason of good.  Why? Because it is causing me to get on the ball to update my life insurance, because I have a change in circumstances in my life now that I am 30 years old, married and a mother of two children now. I would like to make sure I am prepared and that my husband and both of my kids are taken care of, should the unthinkable happen to me. 

So why do I feel the need to share with you? 

In truth, I have been reading story after story of babies that have died shortly after birth.  Three (3) stories in which some how really tugged at my heart strings. 1) Audrey Caroline - She died two hours after her birth.... she had the SAME due date as my little Morgan.  One went home to Jesus and one stayed here on earth. 2. Isaac - he lived a short 16 minutes and his funeral is tomorrow.  3. A lady who had twin boys - one named Blake (I almost named Hunter Blake) and his brother (I feel horrible because I just drew a blank of his name) died after only living 3 days from being born way too early.  He died at 11:16 pm..... Hunter was BORN at 11:16 pm. What are the chances of that same time of 11:16 pm?

Wednesday the 15th was a national observance day for all babies that have been lost some way some how (miscarriage, still birth, death shortly after birth etc.)

I think with all of the many stories I have read over the last few days and weeks, it has caused my heart to feel heavy.  In fact I woke up in the middle of the night a little after midnight and found myself bawling as I laid there.  I mean really crying out.  I hurt so much for those parents who have suffered the loss of a child.  I have anxiety just thinking of now being able to handle something like that in my life. I feel like I can't thank God enough lately. 

I also read a blog about a father, his wife and their new daughter.  He blogs about his daughter and his wife who is suffering from CF. His blog is below "Confessions of a CF Husband".  The wife seems to be struggling and getting worse with her situation and the thought of him and that little girl possibly being without her (her mommy) or (his wife) just breaks my heart.  

I know we have no control and I really probably should refrain from reading so many stories for a bit, because I feel it affecting me lately.  I feel guilty and sad while there is so much hurt, loss and heartache out there around me. 

So I am not just going to sit around and let it be too late for me to at least prepare my family and look after them for the 'unthinkable'. 

I want to write letters to each of my children and to my husband. I want to be able to have the chance to really tell them how much they mean to me, how much I love them and I don't want there to ever be a day of their lives to ever not know that from me personally. 

It is hard, it's emotional but it needs to be done.  And I also thought, maybe I can inspire others out there that maybe need to start looking into and getting 'on the ball" to do the same thing for their own loved ones.  So if that is you.... don't wait around any longer.  The new year is just a couple of months around the corner.  Do it NOW...and then you can start your new year with one less thing to worry about and with a better peace of mind, knowing that you did something wonderful for those you love and you are leaving a piece of your legacy to your spouse and children.  

So go and be prepared for the "unthinkable".

New Songs -

Hey I added two new songs by PLUMB (Thanks JustBEEKoz) called "Always" and "In My Arms". Great songs!!!  If you are not getting these songs while you are reading the blog and you want to hear them. Look to the right of my blog, on the little music player click the forward button until you get to one of the two songs.  Also, if you are like me and like read the lyrics, see below:  So pretty!!! 

ALWAYS    By: Plumb

Out of nowhere
You came
From a little dust
And a little rain
And when I looked down at 
Your face
It showed to me 
The truth and grace

I will always try to keep you very safe

So open up your eyes
So they can look in mine
And see a small reflection
And when you close your eyes
I pray the thoughts inside
Are beautiful and true

I won't always
Be this strong
And I won't always
Be the one
To kiss the bruise
Or heal the scrapes
To wipe the tear drops
From your face

But I will always love you more each day

So open up your eyes
So they can look in mine
And see a small reflection
And when you close your eyes
I pray the thoughts inside
Are beautiful and true

I will always love you more each day
I will always try to keep you safe

So open up your eyes
So they can look in mine
And see a small reflection
And when you close your eyes
I pray the thoughts inside
Are beautiful and true

I will always 
I will always ... love you


IN MY ARMS    By: Plumb

Your baby blues
So full of wonder
Your curlicues
Your contagious smile
And as I watch 
You start to grow up
All I can do is hold you tight

Clouds will rage and
Storms will race in
But you will be safe in my arms
Rains will pour down 
Waves will crash all around
But you will be safe in my arms

Story books
Are full of fairy-tales
Of kings and queens
And the bluest skies
My heart is torn just in knowing
You'll someday see
The truth for lies
When the

Clouds will rage and
Storms will race in
But you will be safe in my arms
Rains will pour down 
Waves will crash all around
But you will be safe in my arms

Castles they might crumble
Dreams may not come true
But you are never all alone
Cause I will always
Always love you

Hey I
Hey I
Will love

Clouds will rage and
Storms will race in
But you will be safe in my arms
Rains will pour down 
Waves will crash all around
But you will be safe in my arms

In my arms

Please Click: Breast Cancer Site

The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on their site daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on 'donating a mammogram' for free (pink window in the middle).

It just takes 2 clicks...onto the website and then in the pink box.  No information is needed.  That's it!

This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate mammogram in exchange for advertising.



Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know. 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Today's Quote 

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.


Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day. (SO TRUE!!)

By the way I feel really bad.  I was not home in time for the candle light last night. I got home from my shoot around 8:00 pm and then had to get busy with the baby, feeding, putting her to bed, shower myself etc.....

I did stop and say a prayer though for each child lost and for each parent suffering.  

God Bless.  
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