Monday, January 19, 2009

And another one....

FYI: I am SO loving this blog stuff.  I love creating and designing blogs for my friends.  If one of my friends does not have their own blog, they will once I have had 5 minutes with them.  LOL (Kidding--sort of!)

Let me introduce you to my friend Carolyn and her daughter Kyana.  I have actually mentioned them a couple of times on my blog.  Once with a picture of us and our girls having a girls day at her Boca Beach House, and another time when I gave her a shout out for her marvelous hair product 'Its A 10'.  

She had asked me a while back to help her get a blog going and also do some digital scrapbooking for her, but with time and holidays, we both are just now getting around to it.  So she called me up yesterday and today we decided to do an impromptu  photoshoot of Kyana.  So I went to her beautiful home and we danced, giggled, chased and snapped some really pretty images of little Ms. Kyana.  

I took the images and designed her header in my photoshop (yea, me!!!). Used a background from The Cutest Blog On The Block, because I have yet to make my very own custom background yet, but getting the itch to do that.  We added a slideshow at the bottom, some music and her first post and wah-la, she now has her own blog.  

Take a peek at it and leave her a comment, welcoming her to the world of blogging love.  Click here to visit Carolyn's blog. 


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