Thursday, May 8, 2008

My own real life baby doll!!!

Morgan's very own baby-doll look-a-like!!!!

The cutest little bum ever.... (next to Hunter's of course).

She loves her bath time! 

Finally a picture of a little mommy time!
We fell asleep on the couch together for 2 hours one day!  Sweet! 

Sleeping Beauty (and the beast)...

Look at my delicious sleeping beauty.  After a hard days work on the set yesterday, the princess decided to take it easy today and get some much needed shut-eye.  (She likes it dark just like mommy thus the eye mask).  LOL

In truth though since most of you reading are in fact my friend and or family to me.  My little girl here that did so well on the loud set of "Marley and Me" yesterday by sleeping through the entire thing, and then decided to become a monster at home last night. 

She will give us good nights and bad nights but most of the time bad nights.  She will be happy, calm and precious all day until 9:00 PM every night.  When the clock hits 9-ish the terror comes alive and she will fus, scream and cry for sometimes a couple of hours and then others for several hours.  I don't get it!!!

Last night was my hardest night yet.  She screamed and fussed up until 1:00 am.  Then continued to wake every 2.5 to 3 hours.  Also at nights she seems to want to eat double the intake of her normal feedings during the day (4-6 oz).  Sometimes to the point of making her tummy hurt from eating so much, but giving us no choice to feed at her screaming demand in hopes to satisfy her off to sleep.

When I say last night was the hardest for me...I do mean the hardest.  I didn't like my little girl so much last night.  As much as I love my little Butterfly, she was a terror and mommy was exhausted from the long day on set (as if I worked or something all day).  Mommy is one of those that MUST get in her sleep and no less than 8-hours of sleep or she can't function.  When much needed sleep is interrupted then mommy becomes a beast herself.  

Some of you are saying "where is daddy"..... 

Daddy is sleeping because the little princess for whatever reason loves to give daddy a hard time and doesn't like to let daddy sooth her, unless of course he has a nice warm bottle in his hand.  He tries.... but she doesn't give in to him. 

So last night mommy ended up sleeping with Morgan in Hunter's bed (while he was at dads for the night)....when 6:00 am rolled around and I couldn't open my eyes or muster up the strength to deal with her anymore, I finally handed her off to daddy and said "don't return her until she has had a diaper change, been fed and is sound asleep".  LOL

It worked!!!

He returned her asleep giving me a couple of hours of snooze time myself.  Truth...she was probably so exhausted from her long night and she new it was offically "day time", the sun was rising and like most beast, it was time to go back into hiding and so the sweet angel again appears. 

Anyways all truth and fun to the side....

She is my little angel sleeping or screaming.... I still love her even when I may not like her so much at certain times as last night.  (Smiling)

More cute little feet -

Look at these yummy little feet.  I put my wedding ring on and compared them to big brother's feet!!!  
So cute.
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