Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here I am at 35-Weeks (Only 26-Days to go)

I am almost 

Today I had my 35 week check-up and this time I didn't get in trouble for not drinking enough water.  Baby girl has in fact dropped, which explains all the pelvic/groin pains I have. Braxton Hicks contractions come daily it seems now.  So far I have gained 27 pounds and all looks great.

The photographer of these pictures is Mr. Hunter himself.  

Her bed is complete -

Today I washed her "organic" sheet and the skirt was brought over to finalize her crib. The reason I expressed organic is because I know a lot of people are making a big deal about organic baby stuff, which don't get me wrong I think is great.  However I purchased the sheets for her crib because they match the best with her bedding I had made and they were really soft.  With that and knowing I am also giving her the best with the "organic" purchase made it all the better. 

All I have remaining in her room is hanging up the crown canopy net over the crib, which I can't wait to see and her changing table, which has been pushed back even later on backorder until March 31st.  I just hope that it comes in before she gets here just so I can have it and her room will be complete.  Once that gets here we will hang a few wall decors and it will be finished.  
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