Saturday, November 28, 2009

a raise and a bonus

Lately, I find myself enjoying reading Family Magazine. I love getting new ideas for ways to teach my children fun things, and or valuable lessons. They are always sharing creative ideas to do with your children at home with what you have. Making family time priority, fun and less expensive.

After all, we are all about saving a buck these days, right?

Well, ironically I recently read this idea on how to teach my children to manage their own money from gifts, allowances and misc.

However, I read this idea from another moms blogs that my friend also posted about on her own blog.

How does this relate to Family Magazine?

It doesn't, but it could... as this idea was so creative, I thought I should have read it out of Family Magazine.

It goes a little something like this:

My son originally was getting $2.00 per week for doing his chores and helping around the house. This includes taking out the recycles, putting fresh food and water in the cat bowls, helping clean up his sisters play area from time to time and putting away his clean laundry.

All age appropriate chores for a boy his age. He does try to make his bed from time to time, in which I being the good mom that I am, takes a deep breath and leaves it made just the way he did it himself. However, most of the time I prefer to make up all the beds in the house myself. Something I do every single morning as soon as possible. Its one of those things that I feel, or makes me feel that this house is a little more in order. I am the same way in hotel rooms. I can't get up and get ready without first making up the bed. A made up bed automatically brings the stress level down in any room.


However, when he does attempt to make his own bed. I smile and say "good job" while cringing underneath, desperately wanting to go remake the bed myself.


Now, I know some of you are saying "only $2?"

Yeap. I think that is plenty. Times have changed and so has the dollar amount I know. The lesson to be learned has not. My son spends, spends, spends with any amount of money that touches his hands. He doesn't have interest in saving. Its been a struggle with me to get him to save his $2.00 each week so he can then have $8.00 to spend at the end of the month or $24.00 after three months of saving it.

Then I read this idea and I thought "how brilliant." I couldn't wait to share the new idea with Hunter. He loved it and to him he felt like he was getting a raise and a bonus each week.

I got him 3 containers.

See below:

Each week, he now gets $6.00 instead of $2.00. Sounds good right?

However, he has to place $2.00 in each bin.

Serve - $2.00

Save - $2.00

Spend - $2.00

At the end of each month he has to give his "SERVE" money to the church or a charity of his choice. Its has to be to help something or someone. Teaching him about giving and thinking of others and not always about himself.

At the end of every quarter (3 months) whatever amount he has in his "SPEND" bucket, I will match.

His "SAVE" bucket is just that... a save bucket!!! It goes untouched.

He loves this idea and couldn't wait until I got him these buckets.

This was the first week to start this new little idea.

Great right?

Yea, that is for you to say.....

As mom didn't think it through that he would get all this money and gift cards for his birthday and now has $50.00 in his spend bucket right away. If he doesn't spend it between now and February, Ill have a pretty big number to match up.

Looks like I better start my savings bucket to afford his spend bucket. HA!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Grateful and Thankful

More Than A Day

As Thanksgiving Day rolls around,
It brings up some facts, quite profound.
We may think that we're poor,
Feel like bums, insecure,
But in truth, our riches astound.

We have friends and family we love;
We have guidance from heaven above.
We have so much more
Than they sell in a store,
We're wealthy, when push comes to shove.

So add up your blessings, I say;
Make Thanksgiving last more than a day.
Enjoy what you've got;
Realize it's a lot,
And you'll make all your cares go away.

By Karl Fuchs

Happy Thanksgiving,
from my family to yours.

Dear Jesus,

I don't know where to start. Ill start with the day you died on the cross because you loved me with all your heart. Thank you for this life you have given to me, and for these loved ones that surround me. Thank you for my children, their health and their love. Thank you for the husband that tucks me in each night with his arms so big and warm. Thank you for my church, for I love it that much. Thank you for my family, friends and kitties... yes, they too can't go unmentioned. Thank you for my salvation, and for the mansion being prepared for me up above. Thank you for the warm food I ate tonight, and every night before. Thank you for generosity, mercy and forgiveness. For so many times I deserve none of which I have. I am grateful, thankful and rich. So my Lord, Jesus..... THANK YOU from my heart to yours.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just her imagination --running away with her.

What's that mommy?
You have a surprise for me? Tell me already, what is it?

New furniture in my play area!!!!

Perfect for reading my books, mommy.

I love to read.

Perfect for storing my toys, mommy!

Perfect to use as a table, mommy!

Its just my size, mommy!

It just right.....


let my imagination --- run away with me.

{I kid you not, she put her bears in the chair on her own and fed them...
then later in the afternoon,
she put her babies in the chair, and fed them.
No direction given to her.}

Its perfect to rest my head on, mommy!

Because all this imagination and mommy stuff is hard work!!

Morgan's imagination is growing, growing and growing so much these days. I see her little mind working. I watch her and smile. She is starting to play house with her babies and teddies, putting them in chairs and feeding them bottles. She rocks them and says "shhh."

Just yesterday I hear her saying "night-night" and I looked over at her, she had about four of her animals all on the floor faced down on their tummies, patting them on the back saying "night-night."

I love it.

The Imagination of a child is so special.

Its an important time in their developmental growth. Learning, exploring and pretending. Using their motor skills, their communication skills and showing love and affection to things. She is really sweet with her babies and animals.


I go her new chairs and toy bench at Ross for Less.

I just love watching her imagination running away with her.

While wishing my child like imagination would come back and let me escape with my little girl all over again.

Thank you, mommy!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rubbing Elbows with the Rich and Famous!

Okay, I know a lot of my readers just love to hear about the rich and famous. This post I meant to post a couple of weeks ago, but as everything else.... it didn't happen. If you don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you should. HA!

Anyways.... this is for you.

A couple of weeks ago a long time friend of mine Lee, a male model I known since back in the day, invited me and a couple of friends of mine to attend Pamela Anderson's V.I.P. launch party of her two new perfumes Malibu Night and Day at Living Room here in Fort Lauderdale.

It's been so long since I have gone out with just girls. At least a year anyways. That's so breaking the rules right? Girls should go out at least once a month.

I decided that I wanted to get out and get the chance to hang with some of my girls. So I rounded up Noelle and Kendra.

We had a great time.

Take a look.

Arrived and were instantly handed free perfume. I like the BLUE one, which is Day.

My friend Lee and Kendra (both models).
We have known each other for over 10 years.
This is our Blue Steel pose from Zoolander.

believe it or not, Pam wasn't too late for her appearance.

I seriously pushed my way through all the fans and press.....

to nap a few shots myself. FOR YOU, of course!

Then we girls decided we should be in front of the camera too.

This shot was taken after we were interviewed for Pam A. personal website crew.
Top story:
"There were no animals used or hurt in the making of her perfume"

I dig that!

Then as we made our way back to the V.I.P. section....

I ran into one of the coolest producers Hollywood has ever had.

Michael Bay.

I actually worked with him, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in a
private rehearsal in the making of

Bad Boys II.

He offered us a drink and a seat at his table. Then his buddy Rob....

get this...


Yea, little-o me.

He has watched "Get Out" a few times and he even told me his
favorite show. He knew exactly where I was, what we did in that episode and

what I was wearing.

A little weird on the "what I was wearing part."

But none the less....

fun that I was sitting there rubbing elbows with the

Rich and Famous,

and yet I was recognized from my own show.

Pretty cool, right?

See I knew you would be glad I shared this post, although a couple weeks late?


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Its A Latte Fun and A Lot of Fun Too.

Who would have thought....

A little place.....

With lots of kids.....

With lots of moms.....

With lots of coffee.....

Give it a name....

A Latte Fun....

Would be so fun?

We recently were invited to a birthday party held at A Latte Fun.

Yeap, it is exactly what it sounds like.

I really adorable swank coffee shop for parents
to sit, chat and drink a nice tasteful latte.

Quietly in another room by the way.

While watching their munchkins run wild and have a lot of fun,
through a glass wall.

What a great idea.

Although, I am not a coffee drinker. I love a creative idea.

Maybe Ill host a future birthday party there.

Its great for a rainy day.


A hot day here in Sunny Florida.

Didn't Morgan look like she had a "latte lot of" fun?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Has it really be nine years?


I know I ask myself this questions each year that his birthday arrives, but really has it been nine years?

Nine years ago on November 27, 2000 at 11:16 PM, this little man changed my life, my heart and my world, forever.

As I plan his birthday party today, I can't help but think back on the very moment I touched his little warm body, the moment he was born.

I still remember the doctor telling me to stop pushing, open my eyes and look at my son half way out of me. The doctor takes his hand and waves it at me saying "hi mommy." Now I am starting to cry.

Okay Misty, you can stop bawling and go get a tissue for the snot running out my nose now.

I remember when he loved to give me 'smoochy kisses'. He would put his lips on mine and turn his head side to side, giving me the longest and the best of smoochy kisses. Now, I am lucky if I even get a kiss out of him each day. Mostly at nights before bed or when he is walking out the door to go to school.

I am so thankful for this little man in my life. My first real love.

He made me a better person by being in my life. He gave me a better reason to change and live the life that God wants me to live.

I can't believe at 22 years old, I gave birth to this little boy weighing in at 6 lbs 8 oz.

Back to planning his birthday party.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stellans reunion with his family- SVT FREE!

I just felt the need to share this today. Since I have mentioned baby Stellan for over a year now on my blog, asking for prayer after prayer for this little miracle.

A miracle has again shown its face through this little guy.

I thought it would only be fair to bring some smiles, tears and even thanks to GOD, the one that made this possible through the doctors in Boston, here on my blog too.

I have watched this video twice now. Once last night and once this morning, both times just bring smiles, tears and goosebumps to me. Don't you want to experience the same?

Then check out this video by Fox News and enjoy seeing a happy little family reunited. Look in little Stellans face, and just stop for a moment, embrace YOUR ANSWERED PRAYER TOO. If you prayed for this little guy, then one of your prayers was also answered. Not just this families prayer, but every ones prayer for this little guy.

He is a blessing to us all. A true gift from God. A living, breathing, crawling and SVT miracle of Gods.

I love it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Submission: My reply to a friends post.

A blog friend of mine Leighann, has been speaking on the topic of submission over the last month.

Today, she wrote Part III on this topic. I wrote a comment on her blog that I felt to share, as it turned out, it was WAY TOO long, that blogger wouldn't post it.

So I felt I would just share it here for others to read also.

Please feel free to check our Leighann's blog post(s) also. In fact I encourage you to.

So many women/wives struggle with this topic, AS I DID TOO.

I hope to help you see things differently, AS I DO, to bring beautiful benefits to your marriage, your family and your own heart and sanity.


It hit me today and felt the need to share.....

I do believe that submission is both for husband and wife. The wives are NOT the only ones submitting here.

Everyone needs something or someone to 'submit' to.

Husbands submit to GOD. Wives submit to husbands, who are already submitting to GOD and then in return YOU are submitting to GOD also.

I think the submission to our husbands, and husbands to God is basically a daily and physical reminders, commandment and practice for us live our lives, treating others and love others as we would be treating and loving Christ if HE were here in person with us.

Its easy to say we would submit to God if he were physically here. That's easy to say because its just words. You don't have to put your actions where your mouth is and where your heart should be.

So God has designed a circle in the life of submission for us to follow and go by, as our practice on how to be more like Christ.

Men...they have to answer and submit directly to God.

Women, we have to trust and respect our husbands enough to then follow them, as if we are following Christ himself.

I was once told by my marriage counselor when my husband and I were having issues. Her words FREED me ever since and has allowed me to be ME again and not this insecure, paranoid, distrusting wife in my marriage.

She said "it is not my role or my responsibility to point out my husbands wrongs. That I shouldn't worry about what he is doing right or wrong. Because if he is doing WRONG.... God will handle him directly."

Going back to what you said in your post, they (husbands) will see their paths are wrong and turn and choose the right path. Maybe not right away, on YOUR TIME....but on GODS time.

Every time I feel the need to tell my husband what I think, or give him a piece of my mind. Or I feel that maybe he isn't being honest or putting me and our family's interest above his own. I tell myself, to trust my husband. Give him the benefit of the doubt....and if he isn't doing the right thing...then GOD will handle it. Freeing me of that stress, that role and those negative feelings.

Its has truly done wonders for me and my marriage.

And, I will say it has gotten easier, and easier to not even "feel' those things as much. I feel more secure than ever in myself and in my marriage.

I don't feel overpowered. I don't feel any less valued. I don't feel second fiddle. I don't feel below my husband.

We are a team.

I like to say this our is our football team.

God is the OWNER of the team. He created the team. (My husband, me, our kids)..

My husband is the HEAD COACH.


The kids are the PLAYERS....


You have to make the choice to TRUST YOUR HUSBAND that much.

You have to make the choice to TRUST IN GOD THAT MUCH.

You have to.

If you allow yourself to linger on past mistakes of your husband. Or present things that YOU disagree with. Take it up with GOD the OWNER of the team in prayer, not out on your husband.

If you pray for GOD to change your attitude, your heart and your ways. You will be amazed how much your husband will appear to change just by your renewed attitude and heart alone.

Take it from my personal experience.

I am a very independent women. Stubborn. Likes things MY way.

I have found that if I bite my tongue, that "I" actually get over the issue faster than if I had opened my mouth, caused a fight with my husband, and put more strain on my marriage.

Now, by doing so doesn't mean my husband will become the perfect husband over night. He will not, nor will he ever. But I have seen such a dramatic change in his behavior and heart towards me.

He desires to help me more, love me more and our marriage, our family .... OUR TEAM is benefiting from it all a GREAT, GREAT DEAL.

You as a wife can still voice your opinions in decision making in the home. The hardest thing for me in our marriage and still sometimes is today; is when I would try to voice myself in a loving manner to my husband, and his response or his toned belittled me, or shot me down in away that I felt wasn't loving...but hurtful, mean and judgemental. I hated him. I actually hated my husband.

I used to snap right back and fire my mouth, my hurt, my anger, my hate, my resentment.... everything at him.

Over time, through prayer and discipline, I learned to bite my tongue, take a deep breath and express to my husband how he could have chosen to speak to me differently, instead of the way he just did. I had to show him, as a loving wife (which isn't always easy) how his ways towards me where being hurtful. I stop him, I give him a different example and show him how I want to be treated by the way I am treating him.

At first he refused to listen, because he had too much pride to admit he was being wrong toward me.

However, I started to notice him being more quick to apologize. Not always in words, he still struggles with that sometimes, but with actions.

I have noticed him watching the way he speaks to me, his tone etc. He is a big 6'6" guy. He forgets how loud and aggressive he can come across. I am not a sissy girl, Ill stand right up to his big 6'6" self. *smiling*

I think God knew I would be the girl strong enough to stand up to my husband when needed, and yet gentle and loving enough with prayer and patients to show him and teach him how to love me back.

Its working for us this far.

We have been living back together for a year now. And we haven't had, I think, but one really huge fight in that year. When we used to have them what seemed to be every few weeks to three months cycles.

So girls.... ladies...wives.... just try it out.

Change the word submission to "change of attitude" if you want.

Its all that it comes down to.

Your love, commitment to GOD = your husband....because GOD and our HUSBANDS, it can be hard to understand sometimes HIS or their ways... and it is also hard to love them NO MATTER WHAT.

You choose to love GOD NO MATTER WHAT even if he takes a love one through death out of this world. Now choose to love your husband like that...NO MATTER WHAT, and trust them like that too.

Give your husband support and encouragement. He will be more willing and want to live that leadership role in your marriage and in the home.

If you bring a man down, he will shut off, close his heart and move out emotionally.

Encourage him. Support him. BELIEVE in him. Just as a child to a parent, he will be towards GOD, and you as his wife, and will want to please you, protect you and LOVE you more than you can imagine.

Now, I think I will copy and paste this long comment I just left, and make it my own post so other cans read it as well.

Good luck ladies....

Remember, the most freeing words to tell yourself "don't worry what he is doing wrong or right, let God deal with his behavior if he is doing wrong in anyway."

You are FREE. You will feel FREE.

Then pray for your own heart and attitude to change. Pray for your husbands protection from temptation and sin. Pray for his leadership.

If you haven't read the books:

The Power of a Praying Wife.

The Power of a Praying Parent.

You should.

Beautiful Books!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Change is in the Air"

I have so many post I want to type and even a couple of giveaways, but I have so little time. I am hoping that when Morgan starts preschool here in the next week or so, I will finally find a little time to get to the gym, get a tan, focus on my work, photography and blogging more. We'll see!
I finally got a sitter for Thursday so that I can go and interview the other two schools on my list. I have to tell you though, over the last few weeks I have had mixed emotions about this. Should I wait? Am I ready? Is this really necessary? Am I being selfish? She needs this! This will be good for her. This will be good for both of us. Will she change for the better or worse? I don't want her to go. I WANT her to go. I can wait another month. I want her in there NOW!
You know how the roller-coaster can go, don't you?
Days like these last few days, that roller-coaster is going down fast and I am ready for her to be in preschool part time just so she and I can get a little break from each other. She is really starting to express herself, she is starting to learn how to yell and hit. Throw full blown tantrums. I often wonder it part of it is that she is so tired of being cooped up in this house with me, as I am with her, most of the time.
I find myself in a FUNK. Maybe even feeling a little bit depressed on days. Days like today or yesterday, when she just makes things so hard on me, and I can't get her to preschool soon enough.
I pray harder for more patients, as I am running low right now.
I don't want her to go. I don't want her to grow up so fast. However, changes are coming our way, in many ways and I am starting to feel its weight. The stress, plus going stir crazy of being home with a demanding, fit throwing and very active toddler 24/7 is enough to make anyone go crazy.
Did I mention that today she put a roll of toilet paper along with five tampons in the toilet, all in the matter of a few seconds that it took me to get a pair of jeans out of the closet and put them on.? Ugh!!!
So, although change can be scary, sad and pull at your heart strings. Change can also be fun, wonderful and rewarding. This is just one of the changes taking place...the reality that Morgan is ready and so am I (at times) for the change of her growing up, needing to be around friends of her own age and in an environment that allows her to be how she should be, busy and active. Engaged in fun child like activities and learning, and not home bored out of her mind, throwing tampons down the toilet.
This will probably be one of the easiest changes on our "things are changing" list.
If you would please keep our family in your prayers and Ill be sure to post more on the other changes coming our way.
It is WEDNESDAY.... So we can use this post as His Will Wednesday too. If you have a prayer request please leave it in the comment box and I'll will be your prayer worrier tonight.
God Bless.
My request:
1. My grandmother, as she just found out this past week that she has breast cancer again. Its a Stage II cancer, however, being of the age she is, she does not want to go through chemo and radiation again. I don't blame her. Also, with all her medical conditions it would also not be wise to go through a surgery as big as removing her breast. She will be having a meeting in a week with the doctors to discuss her options, which will be to probably remove the lump as much as possible and hope it slows down and doesn't become aggressive. So please pray for her strength and courage through all of this. No matter what age, this is scary stuff.
2. Please pray for a friend I went to high school with named Tonya. She and her husband so desperately want another child and have tried for so many years. Please pray that God gift her with another child, or if that not be His plans that He gives them some peace and understanding of those plans.
3. Continue to pray for my "anonymous" friend. As she continues to walk through paths of a journey that would not be fun for anyone to walk on. She needs love, support, kind people in her life, forgiving people in her life and most of all faith to keep believing in her creator. Its not a nice world most of the time we live in, but I refuse to turn and focus on all the bad, when indeed there is still so much good and beauty out there. This person is a good thing, thats been through a lot of bad things. So pray that she continues to march on and not look back in her past, but smile with confidence for her future, as God promises to prosper us. I believe he will prosper this friend.
4. Prayers answered: One of the baby's I asked you to pray for went home, healthy. Yea!!!! I love seeing answered prayers.
5. Please pray for baby Brody, a 2 year old that had a pool accident. He is in a coma, not medically induced or anything. He has been in a coma now for 8 weeks. He has brain activity and movement in his hands and feet, but has not opened his eyes. Today he went home to be care for by nurses and his family while still in the coma. A very sweet family they are and this little boy is precious. You can follow him here. Pray for his eyes to open up and that God reveal His power through this little boy with saving grace.
6. Baby Stellan is heading back to Boston on Thursday and it will be discussed for another surgery on him. So many risk, so many things that can take place and we just pray for God's wisdom in these doctors. Pray for steady hands. Pray for peace for his family. Pray for a healthy Stellan to return home to his family soon.
7. My babies in my prayer roll to the left of my blog!!! Jonah! Ryan! Abby! Kate! Noah! Belle-Belle! Eden! Maggie!
8. Pray for children that are sick, that have been abused, abandoned, neglected and whom are lonely, hungry and scared.
9. For all my current friends and blog friends that are expecting!!! Congratulations! I pray for healthy pregnancies and births for all of you.
10. Pray for all the families that are hurting during the upcoming holidays.
11. I am also praying for BIG PRAYERS that GOD use me in BIG ways to glorify HIM and show people around me HIS kind of love, grace and faithfulness. I know that is a risky prayer, and I pray it with BIG FAITH!!!
12. I pray for "Clicks of Love" to bring many memories out of love to families and children that will are have traveled down a journey no parent should have to travel down. More on "Clicks of Love" soon to come.
13. Pray for a couple of families that I am aware of. Two of which are young new parents, both in which haven't recently given birth to newborns, and both mothers passed away from different causes after the birth of their newborns, leaving the new fathers widowed and a single parent. Also, there are a couple of families that I have recently learned about, that have medical issues and it appears that these ladies do not have much time left on their hands with their children and husbands.
14. Lauren, this amazing young lady only in her teens has cancer and has been told to not expect to make it to Christmas. Pray for her and her family.
Thank you for your prayers in return.
God Bless.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Different Halloween

It has been an interesting Halloween. One we have never experienced together as a family before, and that's in a good way.

Lets see...

This time last year (ugh, my stomach turns thinking of it)... my husband was not living home and hadn't been living home for the past several months before that. Since June to be specific, so that would be four months of not living home.

I had the kids for Halloween and took them to a friends neighborhood. Every year they put on a haunted house in the garage, and all the kids come over to go in the haunted house. Let me tell you, this haunted house, although small, is very fun and scary for kids of all ages. I loved watching the kids all run around in their costumes, trick-or-treating around the homes and all that Halloween fun stuff. However, there was something missing about that Halloween night, we were missing a member of our pack. A teammate. It just wasn't complete.

The Halloween before that, I was very pregnant with my little girl. I took Hunter to our friends neighborhood again to do the haunted house and trick-or-treating. Mark sat home with a busted up face, from a softball accident he had and again we spent Halloween apart.

The Halloween before that, that puts us back in 2006, Mark and I weren't married yet (so weird to think of). However, we took Hunter, at the time five years old, Hunter-bunter to the trunk-n-treat our church put on for the thousands of kids in the surrounding area. It was a fun time. However, again, we didn't have Morgan with us (so to speak, as she was in my belly) Mark and I weren't yet married, so we were not yet "our" family that we are today.

Fast forward back to 2009 (a.k.a. the preset - ha. ha.), this is our Halloween experience.

As most of you know my kids have had H1N1 Flue (Swine). Hunter recovered from his pretty fast and is doing great. Back to all his activities and being a typical eight year old boy. Baby girl, although her test for H1N1 came back negative, we still treated her as if she had Swine Flu because she had been exposed to it, she was running a high fever and she had the symptoms of it. Keeping kids and myself locked up in the house for almost two weeks, I thought we were finally coming out of the "pigs pin" and over the "oink! oink! flu." And we probably are and have, except that Morgan for the last 2 1/2 days has been acting really fussy out of know where and running a small temp once yesterday morning. While also keeping us up all throughout the night on top of everything.

Trying to figure out if it is still flu stuff, her shots or teething. My guess it was her shots causing the fussiness and her low grade fever, as the doctor said that if the shot where to cause a fever it would be low grade and it would show up around ten days of the shot. Yesterday, exactly ten days from her shot. Go figure.

I went to Hunter's hockey game first thing in the morning. His team won, and he scored the first goal of the game, that I unfortunately didn't get to see, because I was late. That's what happens when you have no sleep what so ever the night before. I was tired. After the game, I go and get my nails polish changed from my 'Lincoln Park After Dark' fall color, to 'Waltz' a light natural color. Its part of my job description for my acting/modeling, natural looking nails. Shooting ten commercial for Toyota today, I had to have the clear nails for camera.


I go home, get baby girl dressed in her costume and I take her to trunk-n-treating at our church. Her first 'real' Halloween experience. This year Hunter had Halloween with his dad, but I was able to do his Halloween parade and class party at school on Friday, giving me a little bit of a Halloween day with him at least. Mark stayed home not feeling well himself, he has a bit of a head cold.

Before getting there (trunk-n-treat), I did paint Morgan's face and it looks adorable. Sadly, on the way there the sun hits her eyes in the car on the highway and trying to hide her eyes from the bright sunlight, she smeared her face paint all over the place. I get to church and I try to clean it up as best as I could with a wipe, saving the face design as much as possible. Then she poked herself in the eye before even getting out of the car and rubbed her face again. By this time I was getting really mad. Not that should be anything to get mad over, but I was. It was hot out, I was running around all day on NO SLEEP, and I NEED my sleep. I got mad and just took a wipe and wiped all the face paint off her face. After taking a deep breath, getting her out of the car and making our way to all the trunk-n-treat festivities, I then cool down my frustrations, see how cute she looks even without the face paint, and the start feeling guilty I even got so upset in the first place. It was just face paint after all! I just had to stop and whisper in her ear that I was sorry, and that I loved her and told her just how beautiful I thought she looked in her little fairy/butterfly outfit. And she did. Times like that I am so thankful they are so forgiving, knowing good and well she will get me back when in her teens. LOL.

After our time there, it was time to take a very worn out baby girl home. Thinking I wouldn't be the party pooper in our neighborhood, I purchased Halloween candy this year. Our neighborhood for some reason is not a very exciting neighborhood. The kids in the neighborhood don't hang out with each other. The adults don't socialize together and they don't take part in any holiday activities. Meaning no decorations or treats for Halloween for kids to enjoy. No Christmas lights or music. Nothing. So, I made sure I had candy for the treaties knocking on our door. Well, we only ended up having about eight kids total come to our door, and needless to say I still have a bunch of candy sitting in a big bowl next to my front door. Ugh!

Although, I have to admit I was a bit happy with the little amount of treaties we had, as I was SO tired, baby girl became miserable again and hubby was trying to relax and watch the Yankees game. I really needed to get to bed and get my eight hours of sleep because I had to get up early and go film ten Toyota commercials today. I attempt to get baby girl down, it wasn't happening. I take her into Hunters bed with me again, as we did the night before. Still wasn't having it. Finally, hubby came and got her and told me to get my sleep so I can function at my shoot.

I personally didn't think I was going to be able to sleep because I would be worried about baby girl. I was concerned how patient would he be with her if she kept him up all night. However, I ended up falling a sleep and making it through the night to wake up and see my baby girl snuggled up next to daddy in our bed. It was the cutest thing to see. Daddy said she watched the entire Yankees game with him and didn't go to sleep until almost 2AM. I glad he took over. Although, he doesn't usually get up with her in the middle of the nights, he did good and came through for me last night so I could sleep. Thanks babe.

However, before I ended up going to bed, hubby was in the kitchen making himself a drink and he looked over at me and said "Happy Halloween Honey." I laughed and said "yea, aren't we exciting folks this Halloween." We both giggled in agreement.

Then I said "well, in truth, this really is the best Halloween we have had as a married couple and as a family. No hospitals, no injuries, no fighting, no living apart... just a happy little family having the best Halloween we can given our circumstances, and I will take that anytime over the past Halloweens we have had."

And it is true.

Although, we only had about eight trick-or-treaties come to our door and our neighborhood stinks with this stuff. Although, Hunter was with his dad on Halloween night. Although, we didn't dress up and make our own rounds to one fun Halloween part after another. Although, our little girl is sick and as fussy as an 18-month could be, as well, messed up her face paint on her face. Although, we were all lacking in sleep. Although, Mark did not feel well. It was indeed a different Halloween and a HAPPY Halloween year... for US!

I assumed we wouldn't do much Halloween this year with Morgan, therefore I never purchased her a new Halloween costume. Instead, I pulled out her costume from last year and went with it. I think it was a brilliant idea because it gave me a chance to compare and see how much my little fairy-butterfly has grown.

{Morgan 6 months and 18 months}

This is my Star Wars Clone. His costume did come with an actual mask, but for his school Halloween party he was not able to wear the mask to school. Which I think is silly. Have a Halloween parade and class party but not allow the kids to wear their mask with their costumes? What fun is that? Instead, we got creative and I just painted his face like his mask. Hunter was a bit nervous about having his face painted, but once he looked in the mirror he thought it looked so cool and said "awesome." On the way to school he asked me "how did you learn to paint faces, did you take a class?" I laughed and said "no, but I have had lots of practice, I practically paint my own face every day." He started laughing and said 'technically.' LOL

I posted more pictures on Facebook if you want to check them out. Click here to view, and you do NOT have to have a Facebook account to view the pictures. Enjoy!

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