Saturday, March 7, 2009

Photo Albums

I have been trying to get caught up on photo books.  I only have a couple more to finish up on like Morgan's birth photo book and our Christmas/Family Cruise album.  Then I am caught up.  This next year, I am hoping to start something new and more organized.  Like putting my annual books together as the pictures come in.  

Example:  Instead of having a book about this for Hunter, or that about Morgan and or our family went here.... 

I will have ONE BOOK for ALL for the year.  

So once I finished these other two books, I will start our Family 2009 Album.  

Yea, ME!!!

The reason I am so proud of this book of Hunter, is because other than this really crappy scrapbook I tried doing when he was little, but looks more like the work of a child in kindergarten.  I do not have any albums of Hunter either after he turned 2 years of age up to 8 years of age.  So this book has a little bit of EVERYTHING from all ages under 8 years.  His dad even sent a bunch of photos of Hunter that he had so we combined our Hunter photos and made one album. 

Now I will have albums of my children for every year and age from here on out.  

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