Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Her expression says how I feel.  Us girls are getting ourselves out of this house, which can often feel like a dark cave of never ending laundry, sweeping, sad blog stories and loneliness.  So, we are going to get out and get some fresh air and run to the store and spend Morgan's gift certificates she got for her birthday.  As well as get some safety supplies for around the house.

As a little treat, I may just have to buy Morgan this little baby doll and stroller.  This little girl had one at the park the other day and she LOVED it.  She was walking around while holding and pushing the stroller.  I think she needs something like this that will help strengthen her legs and give her the confidence she needs to walk. She is SO close.  

So here is a picture of a happy cheesy face smiling girl, looking so delicious and adorable. The picture below is of her at Hunter's baseball game this weekend with her knee pads on.  I got this picture with my cool iPhone, she was standing for a good few seconds without even knowing she was standing by herself.  The moment she realized she wasn't holding on to anything stable, she panics and falls.  LOL 



Both pictures taken with my cool iPhone BTW.  

Off to have a girls day OUT of this house!!! 



Just for the record, Hunter has not missed one day of school in all the years he has been in school, because of being sick.  We are so fortunate that he has been so unbelievable healthy and the only days missed of school have been because of choices and not for illness, other than when he broke his arm on the playground.

Hunter's school nurse, we will call her Nurse P., she has called many times when Hunter gets a bump or scrap here or there.  It's her job.  Out of all the times she has called me, she has never really had to call me to say that Hunter was sick and I need to come and get him.

Until YESTERDAY!  (As I start laughing) 

I answer the phone and Nurse P. says that Hunter is in her office complaining of a soar throat.  Ahem... a sore throat? That wouldn't have anything to do with that um, 'lie bump' now would it? 

No, no... I didn't say that. I wouldn't embarrass him like that.  

Nurse P. asked me if she should give him some Tylenol to get him through the remaining 40 minutes or so of his school day.  I asked to talk to him on the phone at first before agreeing to Tylenol.  That conversation goes like this:

"Hi honey, what's going on?" I asked.

"My throat hurts when I swallow." he replied.

"Do you think your throat hurts because maybe it's dry and you need to drink some water?" I asked

"I don't know." he replied.

"Do you want some water, or would you like a little Tylenol to get you to the end of the school day?" I asked.

"A little Tylenol." he expressed. 

"Who is picking me up today?" he asked

"Daddy is getting you because he is taking you to baseball practice." I answered.

"Okay, here is Nurse P."  he says.

"Okay, I love you and Ill talk to you later." 

I texted his dad later that afternoon checking in on Hunter.  He said he was still complaining about his throat.  This morning his dad says he may have a little cold but other than that he is fine. 

Hmmm.... I wonder why?  Laughing!!! 

Just got a response via text from his dad saying his 'lie bump' is starting to go away.  

I am sure as soon as that 'lie bump' goes away, so will his 'cold' symptoms.  

Kids!!! Gotta love them!! 


A little photo fun done on my oh so cool iPhone with an app called ColorSplash.  

I know, I know.... I can barely handle all this coolness myself, that is why I am sharing it with all of you.  :) 

And by the way, this was my first attempt at playing around.  Wait until I figure out how to really make something look cool.  LOL
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