Saturday, July 26, 2008

Susan's Mom - Update

Please keep this family in your prayers:

Dear Family and Friends:

           This is an e-mail I had hoped we would never have to write.
Throughout this entire ordeal, we have been honest and open with
ourselves, our family and our friends.  We have always dealt with things
as they are not how we wanted them to be and today is no exception.

           Since my last e-mail which was encouraging, Eileen developed
symptoms of an infection.  After several tests it was determined that a
tumor is growing in the lower area of her abdomen.  The fact that she
has appendix cancer and the type she has is very rare and fast growing,
there is probably little we can do except to make her as comfortable as
possible.  We did discuss more chemo and more surgery, but with both
theses options the risks far outweigh the possible limited benefits.  We
will make all the final decisions next Friday when meeting with Eileen's
oncologist but we believe we have run out of reasonable options.

           At this point we are just looking for her to have some
quality of life and to make her as comfortable as possible as the days
progress.  We have talked and have decided to be thankful for the good
life we have had, the family we have raised and all the friends that
really care so very much.  We will take each day we have and look at it
as a blessing.  As horrific as this disease is, it does buy us some time
to say what may not have been said and to do some things we should have

           As always, thank you for your love, support and concern; we
are going to need it more than ever now.  

Love, Dave & Family 


This is my friends daughter Payton (4 years old).  While out looking at their soon to be new place to live here in FL.  Payton found this snail.  She has never seen a snail before and quickly picked this one up to show to her mommy.  The snail was not shy at all and came out to play on Payton's hand.  She seriously carried the snail around for about 30 minutes and put him out on her balcony to be it's new home and her new pet.  

So here is a picture I took (again) with the camera phone of Payton and her pet Snail-ella!!!!

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