Wednesday, December 16, 2009

night and day (part II)

Remember this face? Did you read this post?

{old school}

Looks like a big difference to me. Agree?

{new school}

Morgan is really loving her new school. I mean LOVES it!

Each day she has school, we ask her when she wakes if she wants to go to school. Her response is always with a sleepy smile "kayyyy."

We eat, get dressed and pack her bag and head to school.

She walks in and greets all her friends with a smile and hugs the teacher.

Today I spent about an hour in her class with her and just watched the things they do, and boy are they busy.

Morgan was running around, smiling, laughing and playing with her friends. While her friends where more interested in mommy and mommy's camera.

Anyways, I am in the process of writing my letter to get it into the right hands regarding the other school. I just wanted to share with you the "happy" update of this story and hopefully I make it a happy ending for many other kids and parents once I get my letter out. Ill keep you posted.

To enjoy all the photos from her school today, click here.

oh yea

Recently, I have found myself going in circles. I say often either in my head or out loud "I'm always going in circles." Its so true.

As a mother of one or multiple children, you know your work is never ending. There is always laundry to do. If there isn't, give it another 15 minutes and BAM! like magic dirty clothes appear in the laundry basket. There is always mouths to feed. Toys to clean up. Diapers to change. Pets to feed. Something to do.

I often find myself doing one of these:

I get up to go into the kitchen. Realize the cats are hungry, so I walk into the area where their food is to fill the bowls. Realize there is cat food on the floor around their bowls, so I walk to the garage to grab the broom and dust pan. In the hallway as I get the dust pan and broom I realize there is litter on the floor from the littler box and my day begins......

I begin sweeping up the litter.

I finish sweeping it up and go to empty the dust pan into the garbage can in the kitchen.

"OH YEA".... I forgot to sweep up the cat food.

"OH YEA" ... I forgot to feed the cats too.

Go to put the broom away and the dust pan...."OH YEA"..... I forgot about the load of clothes in the dryer.

Instead of taking clothes out, I hit "touch up" for another 13 minutes. Why 13? Well it wasn't quiet ten minutes as that seems too short, and not quiet 15 minutes as that probably isn't necessary for clothes that truly are ready to be taken out of dryer and be put away. I am just buying myself 13 minutes here.

"Oh yea.... I need to make up Hunters bed."

"Morgan, mommy will get your juice in a minute."

"Oh yea...... I need to make my bed up too."

"Morgan, do not color on the walls, that is for paper at the table only."

"Oh wait...let me wash these dishes first, I am tired of looking at them already."

"Morgan please do not do flips on the couch."

"Oh wait.... I forgot to do Hunters bed."

"Morgan please stop pulling the cats by their tails."

"Crap.... still didn't feed the cats."

"Morgan you ready for a snack?"

Finally I feed the cats.... It only took an hour and 23 minutes to feed the dang cats.

{If I don't hear any complaining then that means the cats and Morgan each got their own food and not the other way around.}

Some of you are laughing right now because it also exactly how you spend most of your time. Running around in circles saying "oh yea."

I feel like every little thought leads to another.....and then to that an action and before I know it, I feel like I have done so much, and its not even noon yet. Then I look around and it appears I haven't really done much at all.

But I am exhausted.

"Morgan, mommy said do not stand up in the chair."

It can make anyone feel a bit on the crazy side. Heck I may be on the crazy side already.

I feel that hustle bustle and my "oh yea's" have doubled during the month of December. Between all the work, traveling, new school for Morgan, changes in routine, holiday shopping and planning. I haven't had time to slow down to really enjoy this holiday season.

It's so different these days.

Instead of actually going out shopping for special unique and thoughtful gifts for those you love. Everyone is swapping checks or handing out gift cards. Part of it makes it easier, but then there is that part that takes away the fun. The excitement of seeing that person open up a gift and be surprised, and actually liking what YOU picked out for them. Often times you send money or a gift card and you never see or hear about what your money actually got that person.

That's not for me.

I enjoy Christmas shopping. I love gift giving. I love searching and thinking outside of the box to find something that the person I am giving to will love. I believe having to take the extra time to really put thought into a gift for someone, that means you also have to get to know them that much more. The gift cards and money is an easy way out. Its doesn't force you to think. It doesn't force you have to put thought into what that person is into. And it allows for the hustle bustle to go even faster.

So, I am taking myself back into history for a little bit here.

I didn't send out gift cards to anyone this year. I didn't send money this year. I actually took the time to see what each of my family members are into. What are their likes this year. What would really make them smile and surprise them that I knew them well enough to pick something that would rock their worlds.

I am determined to not let all this high tech, fast money and hustle bustle take away the one time of the year that I get to think of my friends and family, buying them gifts just to let them know how much they mean to me and make me smile for loving me back.

So today....

I told myself to slow it down.

When I did slow down....

I had a little fun.....check it out.

My tree.

{an all bow decorated tree - makes for a toddler friendly tree}

{I love my christmas tree bird}

{My two boys}

OH YEA..... I need to go take that load out of the dryer now!

"Morgan, mommy heard you the first time..... hang on."

Oh yea!!!

Happy Holidays!!!
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