Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mega Baby -

Morgan went in for her 3 month check up and OH MY, my MEGA BABY GIRL! She weighed in at 15.04 lbs and in 4 weeks went from 23 1/2 to 25 inches long.  She is growing so fast.  She is in the 95% for weight and 90% for height, so she is well balanced, just a big baby.  She may be taking after her 6'6" daddy.  Wow!!!

Anyways, she is starting to do better with tummy time now that we use her boppy pillow and place her in front of the mirror. I get on the floor and talk with her at the mirror and I think she finds it fascinating that there is two mommy's in the room and another baby to play with.  HA!!  Before she wouldn't look at herself in the mirror (my modest child), but now she smiles at herself.  It's so cute. 

The picture of her on her tummy is really cute in full zoom, so click on image to view it larger and check out her face!!!! 

She is getting really good at grabbing my hair, as you can see by her expression on her face, she gets a kick out of it.  

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