Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another prayer request PLEASE.....

One of my BFFs from high school just posted this prayer request. Her cousin just found out that her daughter may have a serious blood disorder, and her case appears to be very serious.  Click my friends blog, to keep updated.  Please pray for her and her family right now as they are at the hospital waiting on test results!  Thank you. 

Praying for Ashlyn

Happy Anniversary to US

Today is a special day, Our Anniversary! I thought about posting something more mushy, but to save you all from puking on your screens and embarrassing my husband, I decided to hold myself back. You are welcome! 

However, since it is my blog and my anniversary, I get to have a little fun and get to be a little cheesy romantic here.  

These words below will look familiar to my husband and maybe put a little smile on his face.  What he may not know is that I feel exactly the same way!  I love you, honey! 

February 11, 2007 - February 11, Eternity

My Husband:

you are my LIFE

Happy Anniversary with all MY LOVE. 

Your Wife,

Isn't that a beautiful image? I cry, smile and stare in awe over it.  To sit here in first class, front row and witness Gods beautiful writing in our lives.  A marriage that hasn't always been easy, but is getting easier every day.  A marriage that we thought could have ended, still standing on solid ground. Instead of fighting with each other, we now fight for each other. Some say that a bond, such as marriage, should not take a lot of work and effort.  I disagree, because ALL good and rewarding things in life take A LOT of work. And as we look back someday, we will be the ones to smile with how hard we worked and fought, realizing WE MADE IT. How rewarding that feeling will be, how pleasing it will be to God, and what an example to our children and grandchildren and generations after that. 

Thank you for not giving up on me, us and our family! 

Happy Anniversary Honey, I love you! 
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