Friday, July 10, 2009

please not my house

That was my very thought as I walked out of Publix (grocery store at 9:15 AM) this morning.  

Grocery shopping that early? 

Yes, I was. 

That is not my norm though.  I just happened to have a small list of things needed and I figured I would run in pj's and all, and grab the items on the way home from dropping my son off at the rink.

You know, very important things like: litter, milk, bread, shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, cantaloupe, razor, shave cream, pirate booty, orange juice and arizona ice tea.  

Yea, all that stuff.  Stuff that I probably should have gotten on my Wal-Mart Supercenter run Monday.  

In truth, I really ran into Publix to get a couple of important things like milk and bread, and then I got a bit lazy and got the rest of the items that I was not able to get at Wal-Mart on Monday, as well.  But.... sometimes it just gets really, really old having to figure out what is for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner day in and day out.  Some days I feel I am not meant to be a stay-at-home mom.  Not because of the mothering part, but because of the cleaning, laundry and grocery part.  Then I quickly slapped myself in the face and said "um, well all that stuff still exist even when you do have a job to go to." Oh, right!  Glad I cleared that up.  

Don't get me wrong readers.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being home with my babies.  I am SO VERY THANKFUL I have that choice.  When I vent and complain on my blog, it is NOT with a serious heart and pity me intentions.  I am simply letting out current frustrations. At the end of the day, when I rock my baby girl to sleep or tickle my sons back to sleep.  I pray, I give thanks and I am in love and grateful all over again, EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

Last night was a romantic night for honey and I.... well, the thunderstorm is love music for the two of us.  We love thunderstorms.  We got the kids down for the night at a reasonable time and then we got to enjoy each other's company.  Something we need to make more effort in.  It was nice.  

However, it seems as though we like to play a lot of musical chairs beds in this house.  Not last night, but the night before, this is how the dance went.

I rocked Morgan to sleep and put her in her bed.

I then lay with Hunter and tickle his back until he falls asleep in his bed. 

I fall asleep in Hunter's bed with him.  

I wake up to go to my bed, to see my husband had fallen asleep on the couch watching the Yankees.  

I go to my bed and go back to sleep. 

I wake up to honey, Hunter and two cats literately all laying on top of me where I could hardly breath.

Morgan wakes up crying.  I gasp for air and try to dig myself out of the human/cat pile I am at the bottom of to go and comfort her.  

She wasn't having it due to the thunder outside, so I ended up taking her into Hunters bed with me and that is where we slept.  Leaving Hunter, Mark and cats in my bed. 

Basically, everyone woke up in a different place than where they started.  Ha! 

So, as I was leaving Publix this morning, walking to my car, I hear and see a fire truck at full speed going in the direction to my neighborhood, and the first thought that rushed to my head is "please not my house." 

Ever done that? 

I felt like I couldn't get my bags unloaded into the car from cart fast enough.  All the thoughts rush through my head, "did I leave anything on?" It is such a scary feeling.  

Well, my house is clean.  I have two more loads of laundry to finish off and then I think baby girl and I are going to go get mommy's nails polished.  Mark and I are actually going out to dinner with Patrick and Val tonight, for Patricks BIG 40th birthday.  Both men are in the mood for some steak, so it looks like J. Alexanders tonight.  I am looking forward to a nice dinner with only adults.  I don't get those often. Then we are going to see The Hangover.  Not my preference of movies, but I am out voted.  See I am cool like that.  I can go with the flow of things, as long as I am fed.  A nice steak should do the trick. 

I know this post is all over the place and I am typing fast, as baby girl is now next to me and I can smell the foul stench of her dirty diaper 10 feet away, while she plays with the snot sucking machine.  She likes pushing the button and hearing the vibration sound.  Oh and guess what?  She said a new word last night, "night-night." It came out of no where.  I love that.

I still have to write her little update post, as she also has broken in one of her molars, which explains all these dirty diapers and waking up in the middle of the night issues.  Ah...the life of a mommy at home with a child.  

And since it is my rule to not write post when possible without posting a picture....isn't this a cute one of Mark and Morgan on 4th of July walking by the lake?  I wish I had by good camera when I took this shot.  All I can think of when looking at this, is the next image like this is when she is a teen or getting married.  So sweet.  

Oh and guess what else?  Hunter is getting baptized this Sunday.  As well, I am, or should I say my acting skills (ha!), are being used this weekend in church.  I will be acting on stage during the entire service, for all seven (7) services this weekend.  The discussion this week at church "How to have an affair!"  You read correct.  If you want to know how to have an affair, how to mess up your family and children's life, this message is for you.  Its going to be a great message and I encourage everyone to come check it out.  It can also be heard on podcast and as well seen on TV, just visit our church website But if you live in this part of Florida, come visit our church, and come see me in action on the stage. I dare you.   

If you are able to come and your schedule is flexible.  Come to the 12:45 PM service and watch my beautiful boy take the plunge in his public display of his faith, and be baptized.  

Other than that, I hope everyone has a beautiful blessed weekend.  

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