Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is she looking more like mommy now? (should I say YET?)

Me (age 2), Morgan (4 months), Hunter (age 3) and Mark (age 2)

Is 'GREEN' my color?

Im so cool in my shades!!

I actually see me in these two pictures (above) and her hair is turning so blonde!!!

Doing yoga, and I found my toes! 

We all just wanna be a "Rockstar"

By the way, I am 17.2 lbs, 26 Long and my head is 41. I am 19 weeks old (almost 5 months).

(I know I need to find a new 'background' but this is the only place I have that provides that pretty natural light at the house)

What Makes a Really Great Babysitter?

As sweet as Mary Poppins, as firm as the indomitable ladies of "Nanny 911," as approachable and fun as grandma... How would a dream babysitter's personality profile read? We asked iVillagers, "What do you think makes a person a truly great babysitter?" Like a certain well-known nanny, your responses were "practically perfect in every way."?

Talent: A good sitter should bring all the love of a mommy, the patience of a saint... and the cooking skills of a five-star chef.

Trustworthiness: She'll follow and enforce the rules of the family — even if the kids complain about it.

Maturity: A good sitter has to be able to relate on the kids' level... and on a level with the adults.

Tolerance: A good sitter doesn't mind when the kids get messy and dirty.

Preparedness: A great babysitter will come ready with activities that will keep the children's interest.

Charm: Do your kids get excited when they hear the sitter is coming over? That's a good sign!

Attentiveness: You want someone who will engage the kids mentally and not just sit them in front of the TV — or worse, sit herself in front of the TV while the kids run around crazy.

Playfulness — within reason: She or he needs to be able to play with the kids (rather than just overseeing what the children are doing), but also know when enough is enough.

Focus: No, they don't need to be on your phone, and no, they don't need company... if they have visitors, they aren't spending time with your kids.

Thoughtfulness: Being willing to please the parents is a good trait for a babysitter to have! Our best babysitter so far not only put the kids to bed on time, but also cleaned up before we got home, which we really hadn't expected of her.

*Cleaning up before parents get home is a HOT topic.  Parents feel that when you babysit children age 3 years and up, and that can pretty much entertain themselves at times, have more time to clean up around the house after the kids, before parents get home.  This also goes for children 3 and under if the child still naps.  You can clean while the child sleeps. 

I am hearing more and more through word of mouth about what parents are wanting, so if you want to be called back and referred out, be sure to do the babysitters check list above!!!

Happy Babysitting!

PS:  Babysitters should take a CPR class. 

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