Sunday, March 7, 2010

Greater Things.

As things are continuing to change in my life, I see Greater Things ahead of me. Through all the heartache, the doubts, the questions, the whys.... I still praise and give thanks. I still see visions of greater things that God has planned in my life.

When I feel like everything just seems so messed up and so confusing, maybe even wrong... I stop and I trust in Him, and then I see GREATER THINGS.

Tonight my church has put a challenge out for us to fast this week for seven days. I have never fasted in my entire life. I know some people fast a day, some fast for a few days and some have even fasted for longer. Our challenge is seven days. It can be a 'modern' fasting I guess as a way to look at it. We have options to choose from in our form of fasting. It has to be something that really consumes a lot of our time, thoughts and energy (TV, cell phones, food, sweets, social networks, etc.) that would really provide you a challenge to commit to for seven days. This way, every time you are tempted to break your fasting and do whatever it is you gave up for the week, you will be reminded to stop and pray. The old traditional way of fasting, which also was an option to choose from, is going with out food. This way when your stomach growls of hunger you would stop and pray through that hunger pain. You didn't have to fast for the entire seven days without food, but you had choices of giving up certain foods items or number of meals for the day. I personally can't do that for seven days, with my metabolism, current body weight and the stress I am currently under, it would not be healthy for me to do that. Instead, I have chosen to fast on social network sites (blogs, twitter and facebook).

For me that will be (as silly as this sounds) pretty hard. Being alone most of my days other than with the kids, these social network sites are my adult play and interaction into the real world when home all day alone. I realize I visit them many times a day and for that, I realize that would be a huge portion of my day to give in prayer.

All the other fasting options I really don't give much time to as is, so for me to fast on those items, it wouldn't really open more time for prayer during my day (sweets, TV watching, eating meats, etc.) Out of the list, social network sites, I realize, would be the most tempting for me. Therefor, would be the one thing that would give me more reminders and discipline to stop and pray throughout the days.

So here I go.

Thankfully its spring break this week for Hunter and so Ill have both kids home with me to keep me from feeling isolated, lonely and becoming depressed. HA! Then I come back in a week crazy and ready for a different kind of fasting... LOL.

With that, I would like to end by saying a prayer for all of you and ask that you say a prayer for me, and I will be back in a week.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I want to take this time to give thanks in this new day. Thank you for the loving people you have placed in my life to protect me, love me, support me and encourage me. Lord, thank you for the difficult people you place in my path to challenge me to love only the way you could love, even when someone is unloveable. Thank you for my two beautiful children and their unconditional love for me. I am blessed.

Lord, I want to take this weeks fasting challenge to heart. I want to challenge myself to pray without so many distractions in my way. As I start this week with this challenge, I would like to start tonight by praying for my social networking friends, real life friends and family. Even the friends I have never met in person, but have come to appreciate and care for through blogs, Facebook and Twitter. I pray that their week is filled with blessings and joy. I pray for those that are struggling. I pray for those that are hurting, sick and even lost. I just want to say thank you for these friends that through these social networks have become a part of my life. I hope to meet them face to face one day and give them all a real Jesus kind of love - hug. Thank you for my church, Lord, and all the things you are doing with it.

Lord, although I am journeying through some difficult choices and times in my life right now, I thank you for the strength, the peace and the support you have placed in my life. I know this kind of strength and peace could only come from You, Lord. Please forgive me of my sins, and where I fail you and fail those you place in my life to love and protect. Please help me to be quick to listen and slow to anger with those that I feel hurt me. Let me love them like You love them, no matter what. Please provide me with the right amount of patients with my children this week. Let not my personal stresses to be taken out on them. Lord, place people in my path daily and show me how I can be, and allow me to be a blessing in their lives.

Lord, use me. I give You all that I am. I open up all my secrets, my hurts, my issues and my heart. I lay it all out to you Lord, as you know them anyways. I ask that you take all the good and all the bad in my life and use it to Glorify you and to full fill the purpose you have in my life. I want to leave this world known as a God fearing women, with a legacy with your name all over it. Lord, with saying those words, even writing them for the public to read. I ask that you give me the extra courage I need to get up and out of my comfort zone and step out and start being courageous and serving You, by serving others. Let me get out of "Misty's" selfish world, and let me serve and focus on others in need. Lord, I don't know what plans you have for me or where I will end up. I ask that you circumcise my ears and my heart, so I can hear you speak to me, and put my hands and feet into action. Where do I start?

Please remove all my fears and all the intimidations that hold me back, if this is the direction you want me to go. I want to go on missionary trips, Lord, and provide my hands and heart to the poor. I want to work with sick children. I want to encourage girls and mothers. There is so much I know I can do, but I always make excuses to hold myself back. Please remove all my fears and insecurities so I can show up and serve YOU. I want to be broken and exposed to life outside of my little world that I feel is so rough right now. Use me Lord. Use me for Greater Things... in Your name.


I pray that you all have a blessed week....... and I'll be back in a week. Maybe.

Just kidding... I'll be back.

In the meantime, I am really behind on uploading pictures on my camera. Ill have plenty when I return of the kids so tonight I'll leave you with these two handsome men to admire. The first two men in my life once I left the nest. These boys are going on 14 years old (human years). They are my little sweet old men now.


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