Sunday, February 7, 2010

My FREE canvas arrived....

and I love it.

Well, it arrived last week, but in the mix of getting ready for travels and attending to busy kiddos, I didn't get a chance to share it. I am still here in Colorado skiing. I'll share more with pics in another post on that. For now, I want to show off my beautiful 8x10 FREE photo canvas by Canvas People.

{Remember this photo? Morgan only two-weeks old filming Marley and Me}

and I can't get over how BIG Morgan is now at 21 month old.

I guess I could have put something cute on my child before taking these pictures, instead of her pj tank and diaper. But hey, this is real life stuff here. Oh, and that is her hospital bracelet she is wearing from our ER run last week too. She refuses to take it off. That will be a post of its own too, I promise.

She loved pointing at mommy and "baby" in the photo. It will be so neat when she understands that the "baby" is herself.

Thank you Canvas People for a wonderful FREE gift. I am grateful.

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