Saturday, March 29, 2008

I love this picture

Hunter went to Aspen with his daddy for his half of spring break and this is one of the pictures that was taken.  I just love this picture.  The details of his face, his little freckles, his pretty blue eyes.  Just wanted to share! 

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Movie Night with the boys -

My boy is going camping this weekend with his daddy so I wanted to get in a date night with my boys before he if off.  We all voted on the movie "Ice Age" to watch.  Hunter got in his favorite comfy outfit (pj pants and sweat shirt) and then snuggled in with his favorite buddy (Milo).  As you can see Hunters face is a little red.  He had the day off from school Thursday for teacher/parent conference.  By the way the teacher says my little first grader is reading on 3rd grade level (Good job Hunter!) and is above average in math.  My little smarty pants.  So for the day off, daddy took him to the beach for the day and he got his first real sunburn.  He loves when mommy gives him massages so he asked me ever so sweetly to massage some sunburn relief cream all over his back.  
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