Monday, December 8, 2008

Hunter's wish list for Santa and Pics from Carnival

Hunters Christmas List

A. Bakugan Movie (check)
B. Sling Shot (check)
C.  Pocket Niphe (knife) (not happening)
D. Iphone (not happening)
E. New IPod (doesn't need)
F. Total Drama Island DVD (not out yet)
G. Bakugan Naga (can't find it)

However, I did have a lady comment before that works for Bakugan, so if you happen to read this blog and can help mama Santa out with how to get hands on a Bakugan Naga, that would be totally cool! 

Don't worry folks, I have plenty of other cool things that are going to take place of the things he can't have, so he will have plenty to wake up to Christmas Day.  

At the carnival Hunter did a dart throwing game, and on his second throw he won this Red Sox picture.

A self portrait of my buddy and me up on the Ferris Wheel

Hunter on the um "jumping thing"

Digging in on some Funnel Cake! Yummy! 

There were these limos out in the parking area, and we stopped to check on out. The driver invited us in for a little visit.

Yea, I wanted to check it out too.  We have been in limos before, but this one was HUGE.

This shot is pretty cool, Hunter in front of the big limo and the carnival glowing in the background. 

What a fun night it turned out to be with me having some mommy and Hunter time with fun and rides!!!  Thanks Nick for the gift card, we got a lot more than just some Bakugan cards out of it.  

Morgan meets Santa

As I was saying last night in my last post, we took Morgan to see Santa this weekend.  She did great. In fact, she just sort of stared at him like "who the heck are you and what is all over your face".  While we were standing in line however, I looked over at my sweet angel girl....and noticed she saw something that any girl would like and she was going after it.  Can you blame a girl for her being born to know a good thing when she sees it?  Although, as funny as it was, there was a little boy sitting in the stroller of the Victoria Secret bag that Morgan was taking in her own hands.  LOL

Enjoy the pictures! 

This picture Morgan was giving mommy BIG kisses.  She is "sucking" my lips. Pretty funny! She knows that when you say "kiss-kiss" you suck face.  LOL

Uh, which way is it to Santa, mommy?

Uh, I think this should be mine buddy!

What? I'm not scared of some dude called Santa.

There is just so much a girl could want. I think she was going over her list in her head and prioritizing it before she got to Santa.

And you see Santa, this is all I want and I have been a good girl all my 7 months of life. 

Pooped after a long day at the mall!

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