Friday, May 30, 2008

Monday - Is it really just another day?

As we go to work, or send our children to school on Monday or even prepare for the summer break....... this family will be facing one of the hardest days in their lives.  A day that will never be forgotten.  Tonight as I read the update on this family I started to write an email to send it out, but instead I figured I would post a blog because an email can be quickly typed and sent on it's way and soon to be forgotten the words I write and read in front of me, but when written in a blog it will be there for however long I choose to leave it there as a constant reminder to cherish each and every single day.  Not just cherish next Monday.... but to cherish today, tomorrow, the next day and the next day and every day with my family. 

As I attend my sons second playoff baseball game on Monday, this family will never see their son throw a ball or swing a bat.  As I take my son to a fancy birthday party at Morton's Steakhouse on Sunday, this family will never see their sons first birthday.  As I kiss on my little daughter and rock her to sleep (for the 100th time) tonight, this family will never hold their child again.  

I simply can't express the pain I feel daily thinking of not only this family, but many families and many children that experience this tragedy. I hold my daughter harder and longer because of this pain I feel for these losses.  I remind myself to be more patient with my son even when I have to tell him for the 12th time to do something or clean the toilet when I just reminded him yesterday to not be sloppy when going to the bathroom.  When I read stories like these 3 families you can read from this one ladies blog (Audrey Caroline), I think to myself how blessed I am to have a messy toilet to clean up from time to time or an extra bed in the house to make up each morning after he is off to school.  I am so blessed.  I can't seem to express that clear enough in my words on this blog.... I AM SOOOOOOO BLESSED!!!!!!!!

Tonight I will pray for the pain that this family is feeling to be soften and comforted by God so that they may rest well tonight and gather up the strength to get through these next few days and months.  On Monday I want to remember and be reminded that is isn't just another day.  It is a day for some a time of heartache and sadness and loss.  Monday is a special day for all of us no matter what God's plan if for us this day.  Its a day to cherish and be thankful and love those you love just a little bit more.

To read more on LUKE.... please click on "Audrey Caroline" down on the right of my blog. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

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