Friday, June 6, 2008

Morgan shows you her 'Rolling Stones' face!!

America's Next Top Model - Morgan 7 weeks old

Read her shirt!!!

My first leggings

Mommy's kiss mark on my face!

Hunter's #1 Fans!!!

We are the Champions!!!

(1st base run)

The CHAMPION trophy!!!

Jorge, Hunter and Brock played both years together

The Champions - The Cardinals!!!

Hunter's 2nd year to play baseball, this year being coach-pitch, and for the 2nd year won the Championship game!!!  Go Cardinals!!  Hunter played awesome and ended the season with playing at 2nd, and hitting 2 3-run home-runs.  If I had to say he was MVP of the Championship game!!!

Meet baby LUKE -

To view more photo's of Luke see Audrey Caroline's blog
located down on the right of my blog!
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