Monday, June 8, 2009



Don't you think? 

So I found myself up in the attic this morning digging out my baby album.  I have wanted to do this but you know how it goes.  You keep putting it off and putting it off.  Then when I found my baby book and started looking at the pictures.... I saw Morgan looking back at me. 

Mark and I were talking about this yesterday on the ride to church.  He asked me "do you like looking at her and seeing your clone?" Or something like that.  I said "yea, it is pretty cool, but what's even more cool is seeing me like that, is knowing what my parents saw looking at me." 

I have more pictures but they are all so small that when I scan them its not that great of quality, but you get the idea here with this one.  

Oh and yes, I did find (although not what I was looking for AT ALL).... some of my pictures with my VERY-SHORT hair from high school and my hair when almost grown out when cheering, as well as my picture from my senior year and my homecoming queen nomination.  LOL.

You must do some serious convincing to get me to post those on this blog.. ahem, GamecockQueen.

But for now.... I'll just laugh at the pictures I am looking at from way back when. 

Okay. Okay.  So I tried with the pictures. This is as good as it gets.  


As for the stickers on the photos.  Yea, that was me.  I remember getting a hold of this album at one point and thought it was fun to put these little stickers on my baby photo's. Let's just say mom wasn't thrilled about that.  

PS:  If you missed the post about living with short hair.  Click HERE to read it. 
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