Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just arrived at cardiologist

And Morgan says "have no fear, Jesus is near!"

At doctors

Didn't even cry when they pricked my finger for blood. Let's see how
shots go. She is slimming down on weight, weighing in at 22 lbs. She
us still off the chart in height at 32 inches. Talking up a storm to

Today is the day!!! Please pray for Butterfly.

Today is a busy day and I didn't plan on posting as I am rushing to get the house prepared for 2 sets of parents arriving from both NY and TX today. While planning a BBQ/Birthday party for baby girl on Friday.  I am crazy busy with laundry, cleaning, two doctors appointments, two airport runs and picking up the big guy from his dads. 

However, I would feel TOTALLY guilty if I didn't ask for extra prayers in my little girls favor today.  

We are constantly praying for others and sometimes we forget to pray in favor of our own loved ones.  Sometimes I feel like my prayer list are so long and exhausting that I forget that I still need to pray for my children and those I love dearly.

Today Morgan has her 12 month check up and then she goes in for her ECHO on her heart murmur.  

Prayer Request:

*That it has improved to either be gone and or staying innocent.
*That is has not grown or gotten any worse.
*That if it has changed, that GOD protects my heart and gives me the strength to hear all the doctors have to tell us.  

A little side note prayer request:

*That our parents have safe arrivals today.
*That our weekend goes smoothly and we get to enjoy the time with family and friends, while rejoicing in HIS name. 

Thank you.

God Bless.

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