Friday, September 12, 2008

2 for 2

Okay girls, so last night I made dinner for the family, as well as Val and her daughter.  Val got a new job after a long search after she moved here from Wisconsin a month ago.  

Last night I made Stuff Chicken with Bearnaise Sauce, topped with a little Parsley.  First I started out with a Spring Salad, that included fresh romaine lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, black olives, seasoned salt and vinaigrette italian dressing, tossed lightly!!  (winking) My fancy cooking talk!!! I may have to start my own cooking show soon.... "Misty's 30-Minutes Kitchen".  That is because I like the meals you can cook in 30-minutes!!!  LOL

I set the table because I am all about the "presentation".  So again the candles were lit, plates set up, wine on table and a pitcher of fresh cut lemmon ice water.  

With the Stuff Chicken, the stuffing including fresh chopped apples, chicken stuffing mix with an egg and seasoned salt.  Who knew that "seasoned salt" could do so much to so many different meals??? Then I steamed up some Californian Mix Veggies.  

This time I actually ate my own cooking, and I can say for myself, that it turned out great.  The chicken was nice and tender (juicy, not dry). I had made some mac-n-cheese for the kids, so I enjoyed some of that myself as my side dish, since I do not eat veggies. 

So take a look.

By the way, little Ms. Morgan Paige, sat in her high chair for the first time. So she could feel part of the gang at the dinner table. And she did really well playing with her toys while the adults got to eat dinner. 

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