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New Presidential Candidate....It's someone we know!!!!


There's an effort to elect an unknown random person as President... and it's someone we know! Watch this online video about the surprising new nominee:


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Haunted House or Hotel Stories

Okay it's October and from what I hear Halloween may not be all that fun this year (thus the picture I attached here).  


However, what better time than the month of October to share some "Haunted" stories if you have one.  If you want to share a HAUNTED story, post your story on your blog, send me a comment and let me know you have one to read and pass the message around and see how many HAUNTED stories we can collect for the month of October.  


My "Haunted" Story -

This was a few years ago when I booked the Miller Lite Ad campaign.   

Anyways, the booking took place in Dallas Texas. The client flew me there from Miami and put me up in a hotel. For the life of me I am having trouble remembering the name of this silly hotel.  It was a nice hotel, but old and said to be 'haunted'.  I don't believe in haunted places so I really paid it no attention when I arrived there and settled into my room.

Typically, I would travel with my sound machine, for I listen to WHITE NOISE when I sleep at nights.  It is great to take when traveling a lot so you can drown out all the cars and people in the hallways at nights.  This trip was a very short trip and I wanted to travel as lightly as possible and left the sound machine back home.

It was time to get in bed and so I am trying to wind myself down, and thought I would take a hot shower.  The place was in fact old. It had heavy old wood doors, big huge windows with heavy drapes that covered them.  As I take my shower and get out to dry, the mirrors in the bathroom are all fogged up.  It is a small bathroom, nothing fancy like you see in some hotels today. In fact this place still had shower curtains (eeewww, I hate shower curtains). It was a bit windy out this night in Dallas, Texas and I could hear cricks and cracks from the building.  Enough to just give you the hibbie-jibbies, even if the place was never said to have been haunted.  

Anyways, I get myself dressed for bed (undies and a t-shirt). While I am in the bathroom brushing my teeth, I can't see in the mirrors yet still from the fog.  I lean over to spit my toothpaste into the sink when all of the sudden something pinches my left butt cheek. (DID YOU HEAR WHAT I JUST SAID?) "Something just pinched my BUTT CHEEK!!!  I scream VERY loud and jump up and back about 3 feet.  My heart is racing and I feel myself being scared and nervous.  After I was able to look behind me and around me to see what in the heck or who in the heck just pinched my bottom, I come to realized that I wasn't so lucky to have some cute sexy male ghost pinching my bottom, but instead only getting smacked by the elastic of my undies that were a bit twisted I guess, and stretched out when I bent over to spit out my toothpaste to straighten themselves out.  SIGH!!!! 

Imagine your undies doing that?

However, it doesn't end there! Because of this little minor and silly incident in the bathroom, I am now on total edge about this whole "Haunted Hotel" rumor now.  I am laying in bed and it is way too quite in this room, for I can hear everything.  So I turn the TV on, but didn't want to stay up too late for I have a long day of work the next day. So I try to settle in and turn the TV off to get some sleep.  I couldn't yet turn the lights all the way off, so I dimmed them.  Only to make myself even more nervous, because of all the wind blowing outside, and the A/C vents blowing, the curtains kept moving.  Grrr!!! 

Let's just say I didn't get much sleep that night because I was letting my own mind "haunt" me to death while in that hotel.  

Daily Christian Wisdom:

Believe God’s favor is something intangible where you’ve got God’s blessings on your lives.

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