Sunday, November 30, 2008

We're back home in Florida ....

.....but I wasn't ready to come back home.  I was so enjoying the cold weather out there, the relaxing energy and time with friends and family. It is muggy and rainy here in Florida.  It was a great time up in Rochester.  I am really tired and I just put baby girl down, but before I go to bed myself I had to share a picture of Morgan with tooth #2.  Can you believe it?  Check it out yourself.

And these pictures have different lighting and coloring to them because mommy was playing around with her camera, using ISO numbers with what natural lighting I had, instead of the cameras 'harsh' flash photography. Not perfect, but surely softer shots than what they would have been had I used the camera's automatic w/flash instead.  

PS:  Notice how I posted just pictures, with out any boarders or decorations?  That's how tired I am, but I just had to show of her little teeth.  G'night

Gotta love the tongue and just the happy expression.

Love the eye-brow going up...a little personality coming out.

This one I like a lot.  Its very soft! 

This one is a little blurry...but what are you going to do? 

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