Sunday, February 15, 2009

Little Teasers from the cruise....

I promise to have pictures from the cruise posted up soon!!!  However, I just LOVE these.  I love seeing Hunter and Morgan, hanging out and playing.  I admire their bond, their love and friendship.  Its so real and beautiful. 

*Keep in mind, I was using my little Sony point and shoot camera, for I had a blonde moment and thought my SLR camera was broken.  

  PS:  I am still in Chicago with the kiddos, until tonight. I hope you enjoyed these predated post I left for you through the weekend.  You know, doing that "post every day" thing for my readers.  I was showing you all some love, while getting to entertain my family with the photos of the kids and playing a little treasure hunt with my hubby on V-day.  

I am really looking forward to our day off as a family tomorrow, and I already have my Not Me Monday post ready to go.  So be sure to stop by and check it out, I may make you giggle or even wet your pants. You never know what I will write, say or post these days!!! 
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