Thursday, April 24, 2008

Update on Morgan -

Great news.... the doctor believes he did not hear the heart murmur today and that it has closed up.  He still wants us to see the specialist next week to just reconfirm what he heard today. Yea!!! God is good! Thanks for all the prayers for I received such a great amount of feed back and it makes one feel so good to know that your little girl has so many that care about her and took the time to lift her in prayer for her health.  Thank you.

The doctor also said that she is growing perfectly.  They expect to see babies grow an ounce a day at this age and since our last visit (5 days) ago Morgan has in fact gain 9 ounces.  So she may have her daddy's hearty appetite.  Today she weighed in at 8 lbs 1 oz.  

The remains of her umbilical cord came off two days ago so she can now have her first big girl bath.  That should be interesting!!

She is starting to be more alert.  We call it coming out of her newborn comma.  (smiling) I will say though that I have never known of a baby that smiles and actually laughs in their sleep than she does.  It is so cute to watch and just blows me away that she actually smiles and laughs, which explains the sonogram pictures I have in 4D with her smiling.  (see below on past blogs) Here is a picture of her smiling that I tried to capture with the camera but the flash always startles her before I get the full smile or giggle. Will have to try to get it on video next time. 

We love you Morgan.  God has your little heart in his hands. Thank you GOD for answered prayers, we know you have big plans for my little butterfly! 

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