Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ron Jon Surf Shop

So yesterday Hunter and I did a little shoot for a "Ron Jon Surf Shop" ad pitch.  Meaning, this ad agency has an idea, shoots a "pilot" of this idea and then submits it to the client to see if they like the idea pitched to them for their new ad campaign.  The THEME for yesterday was FAMILY & SURFING = Ron Jon (something like that).  Anyways, the photographer is going to send me the pics he shot on a CD, but for now the videographer sent me a mini clip from the shoot.  Check it out.

Never a Dull Moment around here

Just went to pick up Hunter from school and as I we were pulling into the garage we see this nice friendly face hanging down and looking at us from the garage door.  It hung there for awhile, Hunter started to cry because he got scared and then I closed the garage door to let him get down.  Well, that created another problem. The snake then went INTO the garage.  So I put the car in park, leave the kids in the car (Hunter still crying), while I run over to get a broom to "shoo" the snake out.  He didn't scare too easily. In fact he sat there looking at me with it's tongue going in and out.  I slam the broom to the ground again, making this loud popping noise and did this about 5 to 6 times getting closer and closer.  Finally, I was able to scoot him out of the garage and he slithered into the bushes.  Man, I hate snakes!!!! 

Best way to clean your computer screen -

If you haven't ever seen this before you must. It is by far the cutest way clean your computer screen.  

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