Saturday, October 18, 2008

I need your vote -

Okay I do feel kind of silly posting these shots on here. I think I may start a separate blog for modeling and one for my own photography, so I can keep this one only about my kids, family and life stuff (not about me).  However, for now, here they are for those that keeping asking me (Jennifer, Michelle and others ...LOL).

Basically the photographer narrowed down his favorites and then some, I then went through hundreds of shots and narrowed it down to about 78 photos.  Went through them with my husband, then I narrowed it down to these few final shots.  I have to put together a new composite card.  I have one more photo test to go, but for now I need to pick one (1) shot from each group you see below.  So, if you wouldn't mind I like to hear your picks.  The letter to the picture is below that picture.  So you should give me a total of about 7 favorites if you give your one for each shot taken.  

Keep in mind this is my new hair cut and highlights.  BUT...the pics of me in the blue shirt and white pants, and jeans, white tank and black top on bed... those are the pics I shot the day it rained on us and I didn't like how blonde my hair looked.  So the pictures at the beach are another day, VERY windy day with my low lights put back in.  

PS:  Next Post I will send you pictures from the Ron Jon Surf Shop pitch we did.  And a composite card is a giant business card with tons of pics on it that you hand out to clients on castings and auditions. Maybe Ill post the comp card I am trying to replace for the new season? Should I? 

The images that were originally posted here have now been posted on THIS blog page.  
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