Friday, April 16, 2010

Plan B (WINNER!) and stuff....

Congratulations to.......


I hope you enjoy it.

Not to worry.  I have ONE MORE BOOK to giveaway.  I am just thinking how I want to do this next giveaway.  Something creative and different than this last one.  Stay tuned.

I was outside and captured this little guy soaking up some sun the other day.  I thought it looked cool enough to post here, just because I can! 


Also, if you haven't been paying attention to my tweets or following me on Facebook (click button to left of blog post, since the new link setup they have here on blogger STINKS!), you missed out that I participated in a Model Beach Volleyball Tournament last weekend.  


As captain of the Green Agency, I would like to brag on my team a little.  We went in strong, ended the first day in the top seed bracket.  On Sunday, we lost a couple of guys and ended up with more losses than wins, eliminating us from the final rounds.  Although pretty bummed we lost the following.....
  • Bragging rights for our modeling agency
  • A trophy to have our agency name graved on it to pass it on next year
  • A FREE trip for the entire team to a Nikki Beach resort somewhere tropical (besides Florida) 
We did have an amazing time.  I made some new friends, got a really painful sunburn and took some pretty cool pictures.  You can click HERE (again since the link setup isn't working here on blog, copy and paste link below in new browser to check out the photos!!!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!!  

Congrats again to Heather Matherne!!!  
(Just message me on Facebook your mailing address and I will get that book on its way to you!!! 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

8:16 AM....

..... on April 14, 2008.

The moment you enter into this world and into my life forever and always.

The day I saw my little girls face, heard her cry and touched her skin.
The very day that made my life that much better and richer.
The day I would start a journey of learning more about myself as a girl, through loving my daughter.
The day I realized I still had room in my heart to love that much more.
The day I became a mom of a little boy and a little girl.

Dear Morgan,

Today, you turn two sweet butterfly. I can hardly believe it myself.  As you lay sleeping so sweetly in your crib.  I sneak in to grab one last look at you before writing this post.  You are curled up on your side, with your hands on each side of your face.  You are truly precious and so peaceful when you sleep. Sometimes I go in and just softly stroke your hair, just because I want to touch you one last time before I fall asleep.  Sometimes after I pray with you, I will go back in and pray over you while you sleep.  You have brought so much joy in this family.  You are so full of life, personality and laughter.  You are outgoing, so friendly and you make friends wherever you go.

You love, love, love to talk.  Its insane how much you can go on and on and on, talking in your own language.  Funny thing is, I understand a lot of it.  I have you on video camera talking on the phone and I can't wait to show you when you are older. You are so big. Your hair has grown like crazy over the last year.  Its beautiful too.  The perfect shade of sandy beach blond, so soft and the cutest curls at the end. I love when the wind blows it in your face and you take both hands at the same time, cover your entire face up with your hands and push the hair back out of your face.

You love playing, singing and DANCING most. You love your brother and really love to make him laugh.  You vocabulary is amazing.  It amazes me how much you can understand at only two years old.  I still can't believe I just said "two-years-old!"  Where has the time gone?

My sweet little girl.  You are simply beautiful.  I know we are celebrating your special 2nd birthday, but inside I am celebrating all over again the gift that God placed in my life, when he breathed life into.  I will say this any chance I get "I am so honored to have been chosen to be your mother." WOW! What an honor that is. God has chosen you, and HE has a plan for your life....and yet HE chose ME, with all my baggage, my flaws and my imperfections as a human being, to me YOUR mother.

Sometimes I can imagine you grown up already, and looking into those blue eyes and just talking about life and memories.  You are a special little girl.

You are obsessed with shoes.  And I am not kidding.  You wake up and the first thing you want is to pick out a pair of shoes to put on.  You have a pile of "play" shoes, in which you rotate through them all day long, if it be rain boots, cowgirl boots, high heels, flip flops, moms 'big shoes' or sneakers. You love being girly.  You love wearing dresses, letting my blow dry your hair and paint your 'pretties' finger nails.

I remember the first time you said "I wuv you"... you were getting reading to go some where with daddy.  I was putting you in the car seat and out of nowhere, all on your own, you say "I wuv you." It took both your dad and I by such surprise.  It totally melted my heart.  I still get butterflies in my tummy thinking about that very moment. You wake up and you say "good morning" with a smile.

You are also really figuring out how to do the full body tantrums.  You are surely a strong child and with a feisty personality.  Right now it can be a challenge because there is no negotiating when you go into a full blown tantrum, but I know if we direct it in the right direction all that strength you show, we will make a strong women out of you.

You love watching Dora, Elmo, Scooby-Doo and Wizard of Oz. You say "Oz" when you want to watch Wizard of Oz, and you say "Da Da Da Dora" when you want to watch Dora.  And 'da da da Dora" is the theme song that you sing off.  You love books. You love to be outside.  You love to look at and touch every tree you see.  YOu give them hugs and look to see if you can find a bug on each tree.  It takes a long time to make it around the block on our walks for that very reason.  You love chasing the ducks out of the back yard. You love to play with balls.

Baby girl... there is so much I want to write down and not forget about you at this sweet age of two years old.  You are my best girl, my love bug, my princess, my rainbow, my garden, my sweet butterfly.

Happy Birthday My Love.



Thursday, April 8, 2010

Plan B (Nashville Part III)

Sometimes life takes us for a surprising turn.  Something you never saw coming.  Something completely out of your control and comfort zone.  Something scary, heartbreaking and even sad.  You don't know where to turn.  You can't seem to gather your thoughts.  You ask God "why me? What did I do to deserve this?"

You may even express what a good person you are, and all the good deeds you do for others.  How you love people with all you have. You give, you pray and you love unselfishly.  Yet, still things turn dark and your world is broken.  Dreams are shattered.  Fears begin to sneak in and attack your every thought. You feel panic approaching behind you at any second.  You freeze.  You almost forget to breath.

People will say they'll pray for you, but that doesn't give you any answers, or any direction to start heading in while you are still stunned by all the pieces of your life you see scattered on the floor around you.

This wasn't your plan.

So who's plan is it?

The enemy?


What happens when God doesn't show up the way "you" thought HE would?

As I have mentioned on my blog a few times, Pete Wilson, has written a book just about that titled PLAN B.  He is a pastor in Nashville and his first book "Plan B" is here.

Pete Wilson
Author of Plan B

 pete wilson,plan b

I have been in touch with him over the last several weeks and its been confirmed that I have the privilege to have a giveaway here of TWO of his books.

Wait... there is more.  Although, not yet confirmed, I am pretty certain I can talk Pete into shipping out two 'signed' copies of this book. 

I'll reconfirm that once I get actual confirmation.  Not sure if Pete will actually have the books in hand himself and ship them to the winners, or if it will be done through publishers.  I am working on that.

Either way... you have a chance to WIN a FREE copy of his book "PLAN B."

 pete wilson,plan b

Since this is a gift from someone else that I get to giveaway,  there is going to be some effort needed (a little) on your end.

We are wanting to help promote this book.  Someone out there is in need of this book in their life.  Maybe you, someone you know or someone you are totally unaware of but is either a friend of yours, follows you on Twitter, Facebook or your Blog.  While you try to win your own free copy of this book, lets get the word out there for others who may also really need to read this book. 

I also am getting a copy and can't wait to read it.  So here is what I am asking of you to spread the word and increase your chance of winning your own FREE BOOK.

  • Leave a comment here at the end of this post letting me know you want to win
  • Friend me on Facebook
  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Tweet about this giveaway and book
  • Post about it on your own Facebook profile
  • Blog about it
  • Post about my blog and this giveaway on your own blog (5 extra points)
  • Mention my blog on any of the three locations (Facebook, Twitter, Your Blog)
{Copy and paste this link in your Twitter, Facebook and Blog post} (

When you leave your comment let me know what out of the list above you have done. For each item you can check off above, you get a point.  That means for each point you get, that is the number of times your name will go into the drawing for the giveaway.  

The first giveaway will end next Thursday (April 15th) at midnight. I'll announce the winner sometime  by the weekend.  That gives you a full week to get the word out about this book and blog about it.  If you tweet multiple times, or mention it in your status MY BLOG ( and the GIVEAWAY during this week, leave me another comment so I can check it out and add that to your count.

{Copy and paste this link in your Twitter, Facebook and Blog post} (

Sound like fun?  I think so. I am super excited about this giveaway.

So go out and spread the word.

Also, although I couldn't resize this video to fit my blog post, I wanted to share it anyways for those that have not had the chance to see it.  

Here is the video promo of the book "PLAN B" that I filmed on my visit to Nashville.  

There you have it (Part I, Part II and Part III) of my trip to Nashville.  A pretty exciting trip all done in a 24 hour period.  Crazy right?

God is so amazing that way.

Have a blessed day.  

**For those that don't want to wait or participate in the drawing and rather just purchase your own book, I have given you the link right here to do so.  

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Plan B (Nashville Part II)

Yes, I know this is really, really, really..... REALLY OVERDUE.

However, my life shortly after that made that trip to Nashville, took an unexpected turn of it's own, and I am currently dealing with my real life "Plan B."

Remember this post? I traveled to Nashville to film a video promo for Pete Wilson's book 'Plan B'?

You will have to check out THAT post for photos and video from the filming shoot if you missed it.

Do you remember me also saying that I had negotiated Pete a little 'trade out' for my travels to Nashville?

Do you also remember me saying that I would write another post with those details?

Well, lucky you... this is that post today. *smiling* Its seems like months ago, but this was only February.

By the way, are all of you ready for Easter this weekend? I am finding it harder and harder to prep for anything ahead of time like I used to do so well. I am becoming more and more of procrastinator and I don't like to say that out loud. I don't considered myself to be one to procrastinate at all. I am a go getter and doer. Until these last couple of years now having two children, schedules and travels to keep up with, I now seem to plan for holidays, birthdays and special occasions at the last minute.

My point is...... I am going shopping this evening after Morgans nap for the "Easter Bunny."

Nashville Part II.

Once upon time......

Just kidding!

Two-years ago this month, I was a pretty BIG pregnant girl women, ready to burst. My dear BFF told me of another pregnant women and of her blog. We (the blogger and myself) had the same exact due dates of April 14th. Both of us were also carrying daughters. I thought how fun and exciting, and I couldn't wait to get online to check out her blog.


Unfortunately, my BFF being the best of friends she is, would not allow me to view this bloggers website until AFTER I had given birth to my own daughter. That of course, for me, is NOT cool. I went into asking question after question, for I wanted the details and to know WHY? I don't like being in suspense at all.

She would not share no matter how many times I bugged her about it.

On April 14, 2008 at 8:16 AM I gave birth to my healthy beautiful daughter MacKenzie Morgan Paige. It was a beautiful spring day in Florida. I remember it well.


About a week or so after going home with my new bundle of joy, my BFF finally gave me the link to that blog.

I remember getting the kids down for bed, husband in bed and I was sitting up on the couch alone with my laptop reading her blog. Tears begin to fall, my heart ached and broke for what I was reading.

Her story touched me so deeply, and I instantly grew a bond with her forever.

A lot of us being in the same blogging circle know her well and her daughter's story.

Her beautiful daughter Audrey Caroline, was diagnosed with a heart defect and wasn't expected to make it to birth. A week before her due date, her mother was scheduled for a c-section to deliver her little girl. On April 7th, Audrey Caroline was born, and she lived for 2 1/2 hours. Her mother was able to hold her, hear her little heart beat, kiss her, feel her breath and see her eyes. After 2 1/2 hours in her mothers arms, and her sisters sitting on the bed around her and their mother, she quietly slipped away and into the opened arms of Jesus, her Heavenly Father.

I cry as I type this, thinking about her story. I remember how I felt the first time I read her story and two years later I still feel that way.

April of 2008... two mothers due on April 14th. Two mothers gave birth to their daughters. Only one mother went home with her arms full, and the other went home broken hearted and with empty arms.

Something about that seems so unfair. Even though I am the mom with the full arms.... it still feels unfair.

April 2008, one angel God chose to stay for His purpose, and one chosen to return early for HIS purpose. Little Audrey Caroline has touched so many lives in her months in her mothers womb and her brief 2 1/2 hours here on earth. I only hope and pray that I can reach that many lives and share the story of my Savior as that little redhead beauty has. I hope that I am able to raise my daughter in a way that is pleasing to Jesus. That she becomes a so filled with her own love for Jesus, that she'll be used by her creator to tell a beautiful story that was written by Him.


A year went by and here we are with another passing year. Has it already been two-years? Two years since my little princess was born, and two years since her little princess took her last breath? A part of me is sad in many ways. Sad because my little girl is growing up so quickly, and very sad to see that my new friend isn't getting to celebrate the birthday of her little girl once again. Instead, its another hard milestone to face.

I read her blog (every post) and I always admire her beauty, her strength and even her humor. I had hoped to meet her one day, and always imagined what that greeting would be like. I imagined us both just meeting eye-to-eye, face-to-face with an instant bond, huge hugs and tears down both of our face. I simply just wanted to hug her. Not that she necessarily would want to hug me back the same.

Never did I know this day would actually come, and I would have the chance to meet her.

Then Nashville and Plan B came into the picture.

I am sure most of you know who I am talking about.... and with out further waiting. I asked Pete if he would have any pull with setting it up so that I could meet my sister in Christ, Angie Smith.

Not only did Pete know Angie well, she also attends his church where he is the pastor. He wrote me back with wonderful news and a few more surprises.

1) Yes, that he was able to set it up so that I can meet Angie.

Angie, also knew of me, as we had been in communication through the blogging world, and as well she new my BFF and a couple of others from my church. Small world, right?

To my surprise she told Pete she knew who I was and was just as excited to meet me.

As if that wasn't exiting enough, Pete also told me that her husband Todd Smith, who is a singer in the band Selah, whom was supposed to be out of town, is now in town, and will also be joining in that greeting. He made dinner reservation for his wife Brandi, (whom I call a friend of mine now) himself, me, Angie and Todd Smith.

2) I then get another email a few days later saying that one of Angies BFF's, and also blogger/mommy, Jessica Turner. Whom I also follow and know through blogging. That her and her husband, Matthew Turner, also wanted to join us for dinner.


What an unexpected, joyful, wonderful and amazing surprise for me.

I arrived in Nashville. I filmed the video. The book will be released in one month now.

Then evening falls and its time for dinner.

Yet, I am given another surprise.

Angie and her entire family are meeting us at The Wilson's home, so her little girls can hangout with their little boys (3 girls and 3 boys, by the way).

Its time.

They arrive, the doorbell rings and my heart beats with excitement and I must admit, I'm a little nervous. I didn't want to play out my original imagined greeting there in the house in front of all the kids and other adults. So I gathered my composer, I walked around the corner and I see three beautiful little girls walk through the door and one of the most beautiful women (inside and out) that I have ever met. We both smiled, hugged and smiled again. I am quickly introduced to her daughters, Ellie, Abby and Kate, and her husband Todd.

They are everything you would expect them to be in person, and much more. What a lovely, God centered and God loving family.

We finally get the kids settled in with the sitter and we load up in Pete and Brandi's car. The cold air so crisp and fresh.

You would have thought we've all been friends for years during that drive to dinner. We were talking and laughing, telling story after story. It was a very humbling and rewarding moment.

Once we arrived at our dinner place, Bri Bistro Italiano (need I say more?). We are quickly greeted by Jessica and Matthew.

Okay, I seriously started to wonder if everyone in Nashville were as nice as these folks I am having the pleasure to eat dinner with tonight. Jessica gave me a hug, I shook Matthew's hand and instantly became friends.

Jessica is one smart cookie. This girl is fun, and loves to share in on good deals. Such a great personality and big heart for moms. Matthew, a doting dad, and a blogger himself. I need to find his blog again. They are new parents to a little boy, and both just love him and God so much. Such a pleasure to have met them.

As we are seated around our dinner table, the conversations all quickly begin, the food is being ordered and laughter fills the room. At one point I remember fading off into my own thoughts for a second, while looking where I was sitting. I was sitting with some amazing people. I felt that God was up to something but I wasn't sure what exactly. All I know is that in that moment, everything was right. I felt blessed.

At another moment, I remember sitting there thinking about Angie as she sat there next to me, telling many of her funny stories. And she had lots of funny stories. As she was talking, I remember thinking of Audrey. Thinking "this beautiful mother next to me, lost her child." I quickly had to break my thoughts or I would have just lost it right then and there. I honestly just can not imagine that kind of loss or pain.

However, I remember thinking that I had not mentioned Audrey at all. I didn't want to be the one to bring up something so fragile and painful. I also didn't want to be just another one of those that didn't bring it up, like it was the forbidden fruit to talk about, or to have her feel that she wasn't able to talk about her daughter with me. When I saw the door open for a moment to ask her, I gently tapped her arm and said "I think about Audrey often." She smiled, her eyes so gentle and you could tell how much joy it brought to her just to have heard the name Audrey. As we talked for a moment, we also got to talking about her current pregnancy. What a beautiful pregnant lady she makes. She had the "glow" although before dinner that evening she wasn't feeling all that well. This pregnancy has made her tired. She is expecting another daughter and soon she will be the mother of five princesses.

Ahhhh.... what a night. What a trip.

I still sit here all wide eyed and amazed, how God shows us HIS love, beauty and grace every single day. I often wonder how often does God try to say hello to me in some subtle way that I miss every day, or take for granted?

Because of conflict in schedule of work and travels, I wasn't going to make that trip to Nashville. Someone else would have filled in my spot. Instead, God said "no, this is YOUR trip Misty. I have some special people for you to meet."

And that I did.



And as if that wasn't exciting enough..... I have MORE SURPRISES to come (Nashville Part III). You are going to like this.

Look out for that post to come very soon. Not like in a couple of months soon, but in like a day or two soon. Its so exciting that I can't wait to write the post and publish it already.

I hope you and yours has a very blessed Easter holiday.

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