Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm not sure.

I know its been a long while since I last said hello or wrote on here.  To be honest, I have been so busy.  Summers are really busy for me, as I do most of my travels then, kids are home and life gets in a different groove than that of the school year.

I have received several emails from readers and friends checking in on me, praying for me and asking if I would be back anytime soon to blog again.  The answer to that is ...

I'm not sure!

I don't feel fully ready to say good-bye to blogging, but part of me feels that I also don't feel the 'urge' or the desire to blog as much.  Don't get me wrong, I love to blog.  I do. I do. I just feel that I need a little break. So maybe this is all this is, a break.  Maybe more.

I'm not sure.

Tonight, I had no plans of writing on here.  However, I sat down and browsed a couple of other blogs to get the latest on others and here I am.  I figured the least I could do is write and tell you that I am well. I know some of my last post prior to having taking a hiatus this long, brought some concerns and questions. I apologize for that.

I have been going through some trials and storms over the last several months, and still going through them. I am keeping my head up about things and just relying on God.  What else can I do, right?  I won't load down on you tonight with my laundry list of personal problems.  I just thank you for your support, friendship and prayers.

Speaking of travels, I recently traveled to Bahamas a week and half ago.  I filmed an episode of my old travel show I used to host 'Get Out.' I went to the beautiful Paradise Island to swim with stingrays, sharks and visit little islands surrounded with amazing blue waters.  It was a blast. My show should air in about 3-4 weeks on HD Net, so if you watch or follow the show check it out.  I am sad to say that 'Get Out' (well HD Net I should say) has turned a little 'unrated' it seems with Get Out, and so I won't be doing many of the shows in the future probably.  Lindsay also has left as the host of the show.  As unfortunate as that is (the show going in that direction) it was and has been an amazing experience all around.  As long as I am not asked to do anything unrated, I won't mind guest appearing time to time to have some fun and adventure.

Speaking of shows, I have recently auditioned to co-shot a new show, totally different from Get Out/ travel stuff.  I was called back for a second audition and I feel like I nailed it.  However, as anyone knows how this business goes, you never know.  I really think it would be an amazing gig to land and it would be something totally fitting for me.  If you would maybe add me on your prayer list that maybe this is in the plan (His plan) for me to land this new hosting position.  Thanks.

I was just in NYC this past weekend.  A little play and a little work.  I have yet to have a bad experience in NYC.  I love that city.  I enjoyed visiting my dear friend Blair, and walking her dog Bella A LOT! LOL. We took it easy and just enjoyed walks, dining out, a movie, girl talk and the parks.  I wish I could have stayed longer, but as I mentioned before I travel in the summer and so I am leaving in two days to Jackson Hole for a Baniewicz Family vacation.  Although, its summer and I am ready for the warm weather, we are headed to some pretty chilly to cold weather this week, and possible rain.  I don't mind it too much as the activity list planned for this trip looks amazing.  Check it out...

White water rafting down Snake River
A Dusk Safari
Eight mile bike ride
Horse Bike Riding
A ski lift to top of mountains to get a birds eye view of Gods beautiful creation
A sky gazing evening
A chuck-wagon ride into the forest for a dinner and entertainment by cowboys
Pool, tennis, ready, board games, art time and fishing on the down time.

Thats just a few of the things on our action packed list.  I look forward to seeing the kids enjoy and explore it all the most.

I'll be around for the first two weeks of July, then I'll be heading to Arizona to shoot with Kawasaki Jet Ski client again.  I look forward to that as I get to visit my brother and his family while there.  Ill take Morgan with me and my parents will drive up from Texas too, so I'll get to see them as well.  In between all of this, Ill be in Boston for a weekend and then Cape Code for a weekend.  Spend some time with my girl Lindsay and my boo while he is visiting his dad.

So there you go.  :)

I do still have one more book to giveaway of Plan B.  I hope to do that when I get back during that two week no travel period.  If the hosting gig is in my future, Ill start working and filming for that show just in the nick of time after all my travels. I promise to keep you posted on the outcome.  I actually hope to have a new blog to add along with a new hosting job.  Please pray.

And I know its a bad no-no to post with out adding pictures, but I have been posting so much on Facebook that all my photos are there.  I encourage you to find me there so you can always have the latest scoop. Just click on the Facebook link to the left of my blog and it will take you directly to my page.   I am in the works of an online campaign too, that will be mostly done on Facebook and Twitter, so if you have one please find me and follow me.

Okay-okay... so I really couldn't walk away without at least leaving you with one photo.

Morgan had her two-year check up a couple of weeks ago.  The doctor heard her murmur again.  The murmur that was gone once the heart defect healed up and closed up a year ago.  As we were told, the possibility of it returning has become our reality.  She does have a heart murmur.  It is innocent.  The pediatric heart doctor said that "she has two strings in a diagonal in the corner of one of the walls her heart.  Basically like guitar strings.  And said she has a musical heart."

I laughed and said "well she does love to sing and dance thats for sure." He looked over at Morgan whom was happily sucking on her reward lollipop and asked "do you like to sing?" Morgan with a proud and loud response said "YEAH!!!!!" And without a beat began to sing "Jesus Loves Me" to him. We both laughed, she loved the attention and off we went to finish out our day.

No mother likes to hear that the heart of your very child has something different going on than "normal." And although the murmur is innocent and "normal" so to speak, I do feel at total peace about it.  I said to God on the drive to her heart specialist appointment, "Lord, I have given my trust and my daughter over to you, as she is yours to begin with.  If their is anything going on with her heart, You already know about it.  I am given the gift of protecting it, guiding it and loving it. So I'll leave the rest of the plans of her heart in Your hands."  And that I will.


So, when will I be back to blog again?

I'm not sure.

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