Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meet My Friend - Kelly Minter

If you live in Nashville there is a good change you have already heard her name, seen her pretty face or heard her amazing talent in singing and music writing. That's great and all, but if you are really lucky (like me and about 800 something women last night) then you have also heard Kelly Minter speak at a conference or a bible study, or maybe even read some of her books, and as well witnessed her love for Jesus Christ.

I met Kelly about three years ago, and we quickly became friends. She has that personality that you can't help but love. Then you listen her music and listen to her speak speak about God, you then really can't help but be impressed or want to be her friend.

Kelly first started out coming to our church to be our worship leader, while the church was in transition from one worship pastor to another. She would fly in just about every weekend for several weeks, from Nashville, to lead worship with us here in Coral Springs, Florida.

While all of us here in Coral Springs felt blessed to have Kelly with us, it was also a journey for Kelly that changed her life, that not until last last night after listening to her speak, did I know that.

She spoke last night out of the book of Geniuses in the bible. Chapter 29, the story of two sisters that married Jacob. She did an amazing job at telling this story. I have to admit something here, and that is, that I am not a big bible reader. You can pick up your chin and close your mouth now. LOL!

I have never been a big bible reader. Its the truth. I read scripture, I read devotionals, I read daily Purpose Driven Life devotion's even, and I attend church weekly. However, I have never been one of those people that could sit there and just read out of the bible like Kelly did last night, and feel as though I was reading a book or story.

I can listen to pastors tell stories out of the bible and enjoy them that way, but when I read them, I don't get the "story" version and I tend to just get confused, even bored and lose interest. I know that is probably awful to say, but I do have a good point to follow this point of sharing this about me with you, just hang on.

So my "good point" of sharing my bad bible reading habits is this; Kelly presented this story of two women out of the bible in such an amazing way, it truly had to be one of the best 'bible story' messages I have ever heard. She captured the audiences attention with her humor and her real life experiences while reading this story to us, and I truly left there last night saying to myself, "I want to go home and read my bible and try to read it like she did to us tonight." I want to read it like a novel. Bring it to life in my mind and be able to really learn and relate from all those good, strange, very strange, bad and really bad stories in the bible.

As Kelly put it last night, that HBO and CABLE probably couldn't even handle the harsh truth and reality of some of the stories to be read in the bible. And then she thanked God for the biblical recordings being done with, because some of the stories in the bible leave out no detail. Its brutally honest and raw, and although to us its just a story in a bible we are reading, it was someones life and reality once upon time. So, she was thankful that no one is going to write about her life and expose it for all to read hundreds and thousands of years later in the bible.

I have to agree with her, and too, am thankful that my life isn't being written down in a book for all to read, other than the book of life in which God has already written the chapters and has for only His eyes only.

After an amazing turn out last night at Church by the Glades, Kelly brought to 800 women, amazing and powerful truth about two women of the bible, that we as women can all relate with. The title of this series Kelly is doing is call "No Other Gods." She is helping women escape all that is holding them back in life, holding them down and taking up our strength, our spirits and our hearts. If that be our children, our jobs, our desire to be pretty, wanted or loved by someone that we think we must have. If it be good habits or bad habits, we need to have no other Gods before us. If we focus too much on anything living or non-living in life, then we are allowing those things to be our other Gods in life. We allow those things to rule us, to distract us from the one God that demands all of our love and attention.

Sure our children, husbands, friends, hobbies and things in life bring us great joy. That is why God has given it to us in the first place. However, if we allow those things to absorb our every thought, time and energy and we don't give any of ourselves to GOD, or keep our focus on God's plan in our lives, then we have it wrong and those things are taking the place and becoming a god in your life.

With the story out of Geniuses, speaking about two sisters Rachel and Leah, one beautiful, young, wanted and desired by Jacob. Jacob, who wanted so badly to marry her Rachel. The other, Leah, whom was older, not so attractive was was forced into marriage with Jacob because she was the first born. Rachel agreed to marry Leah, just so he could also marry Rachel. Rachel had everything in life and she was miserable. Leah tried all her days to be wanted, loved and chosen, but never was by Jacob. She too lived a miserable life. To make the story short from last night is this, it doesn't matter if you are a Leah or a Rachel in life.... if you are not focused on the right thing, the one GOD in this world, then ultimately all roads will end in misery. There is only one way to to be happy and that is trust and allow God to provide all your needs, and only have that ONE GOD in your life.

Anyways, Ill wrap this post up, and instead I will just highly recommend that you visit Kelly Minter's website. Listen to her music, read some of her books and if you want organize your own conference weekend and have Kelly come out and amaze you and the women around you.

Not only is Kelly my sister in Christ, she is my friend. I am so proud of her. I see God's plan unfolding right before us for this girl. She is truly a humbled and very talented women of GOD, so head over and get to know her. You can also follow her on Twitter, Kelly_Minter. She brought a powerful message to us women here in Coral Springs, and she left here a new sister of Twitter. Follower her and see if she is coming to a location near you in the future, if not, the organize one and bring her out. She will do book signings afterwards, also meet and greet. She is wonderful. Show her some sister love and support. Go Kelly!!

Here is a video tease I took last night while relaxing at my BFF's house Lisa Hughes, of Kelly. Kelly wrote this song from Ruth out of the bible. No one has heard it before and so here is your sneak peak of this beautiful song.

She will be reading my blog, so if you would like to leave any comments to her or ask her any questions, please do so here in the comment section. I know I haven't blogged in a while, so people probably have forgotten my blog exist, but I see more blogging in my very near future so stick around. Hope you enjoy getting to know my friend, Kelly.

*Please remember to pause my music at top left of blog before playing video*

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