Thursday, February 26, 2009

Playdate with Bloggy Friend

Me at work, photographed by: Michelle @ Circle of Life

So today on a whim I decided I would send Michelle @ Circle of Life a last minute email, for an invite to the park.  She has patiently asked me so many times to meet up, in which I shamelessly never "got around to". 

Today I was suppose to do a photo shoot for these twins for Hoity Toity Clothing, but as it turned out it has been rescheduled to next week.  As I am on my way home from dropping Hunter off at school, I got an "itch".  The first itch was from something I read today:

Today's Quote

If a friend is in trouble, don't annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it.

So, I did just that.  I went and picked up my BFF (a.k.a. Lisa or Zane's mama) some breakfast at Chick-Fil-A and I quietly dropped it off at her door.  

I then decided; "what a nice breezy warm day to be out at the park."  As I get home, I thought "you know, I know someone that could probably get out and enjoy an hour at the park as much as Morgan and I."

So I then quickly hopped on the computer and sent Michelle an email asking her if she was up for it, and she was.  We had a wonderful time.  Something we should have done a long time ago, but we will not wait so long next time.  

We both brought out our cameras and had fun shooting a little bit of each others kids, as well as our own and an occasional sneaky shot of the other hard at work.  LOL! There were so many fun shots that I just put them in a slide show.  So here you go -- ENJOY!!!

Thanks Michelle for the playdate and lunch!!! 

Zane came to visit us:

Lisa called and asked if Zane could come hang for about an hour while she ran some errands, and so of course I said yes to having my little boyfriend over to see us.  I am reminded each time I see him, as if its' the first time (again), just how tiny this little guy is.  I really can't remember Hunter this small. It amazes me.  

So instead of leaving Zane in his car seat, I pulled off Morgan's diaper changer mat and put it on the floor next to Morgan's play area, so I could attend to two babies in one spot.  Well it went a little something like this.

Zane just chill'in all cozy and cute
Morgan comes over to check him out,
but instead pulls his foot and starts to drag him, as if he was a teddy bear....
I say "no, be gentle"... this is what I got in return.
Morgan trying to be all cool and sneaky,
gets a little closer and gives Zane another hard tug.

I again say "no, Morgan, gentle" (while showing her what gentle meant)...
I then got this! 
I decided to distract Morgan away from Zane, while he was laying so peacefully...

Wanting to go crazy with the camera but knew I didn't have the time.
Here comes Morgan to take anther little peak at this "thing"....
I position myself in what I thought would be a great spot for a "kiss-kiss"
Morgan gazes at Zane, while hearing mommy say "kiss-kiss the baby, Morgan, kiss-kiss"
To only capture this (a kiss-kiss).... but one where I am grabbing Morgan,
to not squash all of her 20 something pounds on his little face.  
She started laughing, and liked the kiss-kiss idea and gave him a few more..
but was unable to catch it, trying to hold her from kissing too hard.

She then decided, that little thing wasn't so bad to have around after all!!!

Come back and visit again soon, Zane!!!  

Mommy, will soon realize she will get an album of photos every time she does!!!! 
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