Friday, December 19, 2008

First Family Vacation ..... begins tomorrow!

We are heading out tomorrow for Marco Island for a little family vaca/modeling booking.  Saturday and Sunday family/friends vacation days, and Monday and Tuesday we will shoot for the Marriott Resort in Marco Island.  I plan to "try" and snap some really cool shots while I am out there.  Not sure if I will be on computer, but I am taking it so I can load my pictures up when the card is full.  

Anyways, just wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend and a blessed holiday just in case.

By the way, for those that are bloggers, does anyone know what happened to Dribbles-n-Diapers blog friend?  Her blog is no longer there and she didn't give anyone a heads up on leaving us.  Just curious.  

I had some really cute pictures I wanted to share before I left, but the day snuck bye me and I am still packing for 3 people, while having a million things on my mind to not forget.  I forget how much stuff you have to pack for a family when you have multiple kids and one being a baby.  Diapers, swim diapers, sunblock, formula, infant water, bottles, baby food, blankets for crib, toys, sound machine, baby monitor, hats, powder, diaper ointment, baby wash, lotion, fever medication for emergency.....and on and on and on it goes.  WOW!!!! 

I think I may get to meet a blogger friend Jennifer face to face while out there.  I hope so anyways.  We will have to get some great group shots to share with everyone while we do. Jennifer send me your number again, I can't seem to find it. 

Well blogger buddies I am exhausted, hubby is out doing 'last minute' Christmas shopping because we get back Christmas Eve.  LOL Said he wanted me to have something to open on Christmas day with everyone else.  Too cute. 

Okay, I must go....

Marco Island, here we come!!!! (After we stop and have breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Clause first).

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