Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stellan Update - Please keep praying!!!

  1. MckMamaMckMama...and also surprised that his body is tolerating the high heart rates for as long as he has.
  2. MckMamaMckMamaThe Drs are surprised that the meds haven't helped Stellan convert by now...
  3. MckMamaMckMamaStellan keeps coming in and out of a V-Tach state and a slower SVT.

    Last night and today has been very much a VERY HIGH and a VERY LOW stream of emotions and fears for this little boy.  MckMama has since posted a couple of post with the latest on our Stellan.  Yes, he is OURS, ours to pray hard for. Please click HERE to read the updates. I was out with a friend for most of the day and was sitting on the edge of my seat as all the scary Twitter message came into my phone.  

    As that took place.... I received a call, a SAD call.  My mom on the other line and before she could say anything other than "hey babe" to me, I asked her "what's wrong?"  She was caught by surprised and said "what do you mean, how do you know that something is wrong?" I said "mom, I always know this, especially when its you. I can feel it.  What's wrong." She just began to cry as she tells me that one of her good friends died last night in the hospital.  She is the wife of my dads life long childhood best friend.  We will call my moms friend "J" for now.  J, had been in the hospital for a week now, not sure what was wrong, but she was sick.  She started to get really bad there for a couple of days, and then she began to turn things around and seemed to be getting better.  Then another day she seemed worse, and then the last two days they she seemed to be doing great, acting her normal self, talking and laughing.  Yesterday, while her husband "B" was there to spend time with her.  They were talking and laughing.  All seemed fine.  He went outside to take a cigarette break, and while he was sitting outside, they came to tell him that "J" passed away. I do not have the details of all of it yet, but as one can imagine, this has been such a shock to this family and friends. J has left behind an 18 year old daughter and her husband.  Please pray for both J's family and my parents who are extremely close. 

    Update as of last night - click HERE

  1. MckMamaMckMamaStellan just flipped into some new regular pattern that is alarming the nurses a bit...paging Dr.
  2. MckMamaMckMamaHe is skill in SVT almost exclusively, but he jumps around as if his heart WANTS to convert.
  3. MckMamaMckMamaMy mom is here. Stellan had a great couple hours, as far as how he is tolerating his SVT.
    11:00 AM update - Click HERE

10:00 AM update! See Below!

Jennifer posted this on twitter 10 minutes ago:

MckMamaStellan had a very bad night. Some of my Tweets did not go through I see. He's getting an Echocardiogram now. New blog post coming soon.
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