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Dictionary entry overview: What does contagious mean?

CONTAGIOUS (adjective)
The adjective CONTAGIOUS has 2 senses:

1. easily diffused or spread as from one person to another
2. (of disease) capable of being transmitted by infection

Familiarity information: CONTAGIOUS used as an adjective is rare.

Dictionary entry details

CONTAGIOUS (adjective)


Easily diffused or spread as from one person to another

Context example:

a contagious grin


infectious (easily spread)

When we think of the word 'contagious' we normally think of something bad. It typically says to our brain "stay away" and "don't come in contact".

Today we are going to think of 'contagious' as something wonderful and tell your brains to "catch it" and to "try and get it."

My example for today is my neighborhood crossing guard.

I don't know his name. I have never had a conversation with him (until this morning), becuase with his kind of words, there is no need for more sometimes.

I have wanted to take his picture to show as an example many times, but didn't want him to think I was weird or anything. Instead, I looked online and found other photos of cross-guards to use in this post. However, I just had to get HIS photo, because I want to give you a face of the man that I am talking about.

This morning on my way to take Hunter to school, I rolled down my window and said hello, and asked if I could take his photo. In which he joyfully smiled. It gave me the opportunity to A) say hello to this friendly stranger I see every day and B) use this as an example to not only myself, but to my son.

The conversation went like this:

Me: Honey, you see this guard here on the right?

Hunter: Yea.

Me: Watch him when I pull up, he will be smiling.

Hunter: How do you know?

Me: Because, he smiles every day, haven't you noticed?

Hunter: (Looking with curiosity out of the window)

Me: See, he is smiling as he always is.

(I pull up to the stop sign and roll down my window)

Me: (to cross-guard): Good morning. I was just telling my son about your contagious smile.

Crossguard: Good morning (with a hand reaching to his hat, as he nods his head in a delightful greating).

Me: Do you mind if I take your picture and use you as an example?

Crossguard: I just hope there isn't anything in my teeth. (smiling)

Me: Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Me: Did you know that by choice that gentleman chooses to smile every day? Noone knows what his week has been like, or if he had a bad morning or if his life isn't all fun and joy right now. Because even if it was, he makes the choice to smile and be happy and thankful with his life today, and now.

He could choose to just stand there, be grumpy and not smile or look anyone in the eye. But he chooses other wise.

Just like you chose to express attitude this morning over something small. You need to learn to make better choices in the type of attitude you want to express and show to those around you.

I want you, buddy, to practice being positive and contagious, and see how many people you can make smile and feel good in your day.

Then, I gave him an example for him to use at school today.

There is a young girl in his class that for whatever reason will do things that are gross, out of dares of her classmates, just to get the attention from them. Her recent stunt, licking the classroom floor with her tongue. They all laughed at her and say how gross she is. Although, she laughs with them and doesn't seem to mind it, I think later it could, or maybe already is when she is by herself and not having to put up the "front" to her classmates.

Me: (continuing) Hunter, if they try to dare her to do something today, or she is even asking for a dare. Its all because she just wants attention. Why don't you surprise her, stand up for her and say something like "Julie (name change for her privacy), I think you are funny without having to do anything gross. You don't have to do gross stuff to make me laugh."

Maybe those little words by one person can change the way she feels about herself and how she feels she needs to behave to get the wrong kind of attention.

Now, if only we 'adults' can have that same kind of class. Well, we can, but most of us choose not to.

I always laugh and say that we are just a bunch of over grown kids ourselves, some never willing to just grow up and be mature.

So, today I encourage YOU to make a choice and choose to be CONTAGIOUS. Be contagious in our body launguage, your facial expressions, your tone and your words. Choose to smile today and pass the contagiouness on. Make someone else smile today.

Today, I ask, who can I bless today? How can I be contagious? How can I choose to make a positive choice over a negative choice? Yesterday, I had a choice in my life, in a very important area of my life. I chose to do make the contagious and positive choice, and boy am I thankful I did.

Because, at the end of the day, I too was blessed. My family was blessed. And it simply felt nice to put a smile on someone else faces and bless that person even more.

Try it, I dare you. Go out and be contagious!

Oh, and while I am at it, say hello to your cross-guards. He/she may not be as happy and smiley as mine, but maybe your hello can make them smile at that very moment! Make their day. Appreciate your cross-guards. Even if you can't stop, roll down your window and smile, honk your horn and give them a big smile and wave.

You can say a lot without words, just like this fella in this photo does everyday!!!


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