Friday, October 10, 2008

Remembering Isaac

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A couple of days ago I posted about a little boy who made his appearance (for 16 minutes) into the lives of a family and left his memory forever in bedded in their hearts.  As I mentioned before they will hold Isaacs memorial service next Saturday the 18th

Today, they have posted an entire album of the precious moments they had with their little boy, and I want to share them as well.  Please click HERE if you would like to see the photos, BUT first please keep in mind.....  These photos are real, they happened, they are about a boy who lived a short life here on earth and about a family suffering a great loss.  The images will be extremely hard to view. 

However, instead of focusing on the 'appearances' of the images, I want to remind you to focus on the PEOPLE and A LITTLE BOY NAMED ISAAC in these photos.  Smile and cry with this family.  I am thankful they are so transparent and have shared their story with us.  

May God continue to bless them, heal them, comfort them and shine through them.  

A little photoshop elements fun - I LEARNED TODAY!

Thanks to Megan's step-by-step guide I learned a little color fun trick today. This manual book I have that is to teach me how to do this, stinks.... its too hard to follow. Megan sent me an email of step-by-step visuals and I picked it right up. Check out all the fun stuff Megan is learning to do HERE, she is a beginner too. Go Megan!!!!

Bye-Bye Stitches, Hello new scar!!!

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The doctor said that it was healing up nicely, but that it would take a little time for the ridges from the swelling around the stitches to smooth themselves out. It looks good and I am pleased with it. If you didn't see the BEFORE PHOTOS check them out.  What started out as a small little bump, became a big hole in my forehead and now looks like a big paper cut.  LOL 

Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes.  I really do appreciate them.  I have nothing but THANKS to give.  I am blessed!!!  

Fall Wink

Us Floridians don't get your typical fall weather here. Being from TEXAS, part of Fall arriving was getting to wake up to that sunny sky with that crisp fresh air to breath in.  It was also the scent of 'football' in which I loved.  Being a cheerleader, feeling the drop in temps meant it was time to get ready for the football season.  I loved it and I miss it a ton. 

So the point of this post.....

Hunter came home from school on Tuesday with this leaf.  He was upset that a little boy at his school caused the leaf to rip. He liked it so much and wanted to bring it home to me.  When I saw the leaf, I was impressed by his eye of a 'beautiful' leaf and beautiful it was. It looks like the perfect "FALL LEAF".  This leaf will probably be as close to any 'fall' memories I have from back in Texas Ill get this year.  So I am thankful that God sent me a little "FALL WINK" through the eyes of my little boy.  

What's going on?

Something has come over my princess and I don't know what to do?

1.  Since introducing her to all the different flavors of 'real' food over the last month and half, she is starting to refuse the bottle.  I know she still needs to get in her formula amounts but what is one to do when she refuses the bottle?  She LOVES her 'foods' now, in which I still mix in with rice and formula, but that is a little under 2 oz with the rice.

2.  She is starting to get where she rather be put in her crib when tired, to fall asleep on her own, versus having me or daddy rock her to sleep.  I love rocking her to sleep.  (Wiping a tear from my check)  :(  

3.  She refuses to even try to crawl.  She is perfectly content just sitting in things (swing, high chair or bouncy chair) or even just rolling around on the floor.  

I can surely tell the difference in personalities already between her and her brother.  Hunter was trying to crawl by now.  Morgan is in no rush.  

Hunter had 4 teeth by now, Morgan seems to just be "teething" for nothing.  LOL 

Hunter had to be rocked to sleep.  Morgan seems to like a little bit of both.

Hunter screamed in the car seat no matter the distance we went.  Morgan can't seem to stay awake in the car seat no matter the distance we go. 

What is going on with my princess???  

Daily Christian Wisdom:

Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts. Proverbs 4:23 (GNT)
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