Friday, January 2, 2009

One I made for my friend of her family ---

(Click on image to zoom)

Just had to compare this and share!

Some Days Are Just Bad -

This has been the trick for a long time with Morgan.  Although she is getting too big for the sling, she still loves it. It is the magic, in getting her to stop fussing.  

It's starts out looking like this

Then looks something like this

With a little bit of this

And a lot of this

To finally and thankfully this!

Thank God for a really tall and strong daddy that can carry her in the sling still. 

A little scrap fun this morning.....

Daily Christian Wisdom:

The Bible is a harp with a thousand strings...Play on all of them, keeping them in their places in the divine scale, and you will hear heavenly music all the time. 
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