Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First Times -

My little super star has booked her first movie.  As some of you may know Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are filming a movie here in Miami "Marley and Me".  Morgan has been booked to play the role of Jennifer Aniston's new born baby scene next week. 

Fun, right?

It's pretty exciting and we will of course keep everyone posted on how Morgan does with her first booking.

To keep the first going....

Hunter shot his first goal in his hockey game last week.  He will be traveling with hockey next year.  Pretty cool.

Hunter also just last Saturday hit his first GRAND SLAM at his baseball game.  

Of course mommy misses both exciting events being home with his new sister, but grandparents were in town to enjoy it.  

And another first....

My husband had his first STRIKE-OUT in his men's league softball game last night.  I know not so much fun in that one, but hey it's a first!  Considering the last three games he hit the ball out of the park.

As for me...

I am enjoying being a mommy for the first time to a little girl.  

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