Thursday, July 31, 2008


One year ago August 10th (also my moms birthday) I was 5 weeks pregnant in the Bahamas shooting a week long shoot for Kawasaki Jet Skis.  Now I am booked with the client again, but this year in Lake Havasu AZ, where my brother lives.  So I will be traveling for a week with Hunter and Morgan to AZ.  My parents, sister and her family from Texas are all going to travel out there the same week, so now I get to travel, see my entire family and earn a few bucks shooting a fun action packed photo shoot for Kawasaki.  Here are a couple of pictures from last years shoot:  

1.  Last year (5 weeks pregnant) on Kawasaki shoot in Bahamas. The actual week I found out I was pregnant. 

2.  One of the jet skis I shot on. There is a helicopter right above shooting this shot.  So cool! 

3.  And me today (the picture I had to take and send to client this week before they agreed to book me, since I did just have a baby).  I AM BACK to pre-baby body weight!!!  Now just got to find time to get in the gym and tone it up!!!  

Maybe I will explore some of my photography on my down time with the jet skiers out there.  

2 Personal Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

All I can say is "You ROCK, Misty!" Your post-baby pic is amazing!

The Haynes Family said...

Hey! Glad to hear they've invited you back- Funny story is that while you were doing Kawasiki Jet Skis, 5 weeks pregnant, I was doing Yamaha Boats 4 weeks pregnant! :) Funny what we woman can do while pregnant! :) Love the pics- have a good time on your trip!

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