Friday, July 18, 2008

Who's little girl ???

Is she daddy's little girl or mommy's??  

Well right now she seems to be a mommy's little girl.  However I am sure that won't last long.  Morgan seems to be very attached to me this last week or so.  I don't know what has come over her but she refuses to let anyone (and I do mean anyone) feed her.  Several people, along with daddy have recently experienced this change in her.  When they try to feed her or are left alone with her she screams.  When I say screams, I mean like you are hurting the poor girl kind of scream.  It's awful!  

In this picture we just got back from a walk around the block and daddy got home from work.  As you can see by her face she is looking at me like "you better not go far mommy, you know what happens if you do."  LOL 

She will smile at daddy, at strangers and coo at you.... but you try to feed her or get her to sleep, not going to happen.

I don't know maybe she is with me 24/7 and I am always the one to feed her and put her to sleep that on those random days now if anyone else tries... she realizes its just not mommy's smell or touch.  Sounds sweet .... but not good for little butterfly for she only makes it hard on herself and everyone else when mommy needs a break. 

I think she looks adorable in this picture.  We found this flower on our walk. 

By they way this is a camera phone picture (thus the fuzzy look), however I did get my new camera, along with a photoshop program for my computer.  I am also taking an online photography class so we shall see what fun that will be in my future postings.  

3 Personal Thoughts:

The Haynes Family said...

How sweet does that flower look behind her little ear! I love it! She is getting to be so big! :)

Let me know what kind of photography class you are taking online- that sounds like something I would like to do!

devinisagirlsname said...

ok, not fair- tell me!!

Megan Sommer said...

Yeah, i want to know too...about the photography class... i have been wanting to do that too...

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