Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm 4 Months Old

I can almost rollover 

I can laugh out loud

I loves kisses and attention

I love going on walks 

I can entertain myself for short periods

I am teething

I love to just talk with anyone that will listen

I love my family

I am almost sleeping through the night

I will start cereal in another week or two

I am getting good at reaching out and grabbing things and holding on to them

I love my glow-worm

I don't scream anymore while riding in the car

I am a really happy girl, that is loved and cared for and blessed!!! 

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well welcome back to the blogging world:))) wow look how big morgan is getting thats because of the love of her parents. she is a happy babay .. god bless all of you . that rainbow was lucky, i have never saw one like that....

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