Friday, August 8, 2008

Okay interesting little story -

Back in April before having Morgan, I signed up Hunter for a week long baseball camp here in Florida.  I paid $230 bucks for a camp that lasted only half days (9-12) M-T.  

Well Monday came, the first day of baseball, and as we were told, we were there at 8:3o am to get everything figured out and hear what the coach had to say to prepare everyone for the week ahead.

Here it is I sign Hunter in, put his gear where everyone else had there things and got Hunter in place with the rest of the boys.  Coach introduces himself and his crew to the players.  Something was said regarding what time will the boys have lunch and then this took place:

Me:  Lunch??? I wasnt' told to bring a lunch?  So as any parent would I quickly ask a mom next to me, "this ends at noon right so why to they need a lunch?" 

Mom: No this ends at 4;00 pm.

Me: No, no, no ... I have it on my flyer for this camp that it is 9:00 - 12:00 Monday - Thursday

Mom:  No this is all day and Monday - Friday, are you sure you are at the right camp?

Me:  This is North Community Park right?

Mom:  Yes it is.

Me:  Is this camp through Velocity Sports Center? 

Mom:  I don't think so what is that? 

Me:  (feeling totally confused by now) Baseball camp starting today, everyone here at 8:30 am, same time, same location .... just not my camp.

So I let the coach finish up and I explain to him that there has been some misunderstanding of the camp that I signed up Hunter for.  He begins to tell me that the company "Velocity Sports" shut down and wasn't doing a baseball camp and knew this for awhile now. 

Me:  WHAT??? Well that explains why they haven't contacted me or returned my calls.  Grrr!!!

Coach:  How much did you pay? 

Me:  $230

Coach:  Wow?  Mine is $160 all week and full day and mine is much better (smiling)

Me:  Man I don't know what to do.

Coach:  Let him stay here for the day, try to get in touch with them and get your money back, if not Ill work something out with you.  At least let him get in his camp week, he'll have fun. 

Me:  Okay, thanks!  Ill run home and make him a lunch and bring it back to him.

So off I went.  

Mark sent the owner of Velocity Sports an email and sure enough they finally called back with an apology.  They did shut down, but baseball camp slipped through the cracks some how and so they never got in touch with the players.  They did send my refund in full, so i didn't care much about their reason or excuse. I was just thrilled I didn't lose that money. Not only that I now saved some money for another camp.

Gomez Sports Academy (the one we ended up at) turned out to be an excellent camp.  Hunter really enjoyed it, and at the end of each day the coach talked with the boys about some real important things about themselves and about baseball.  Then he prayed with the players before dismissing them every day.  You don't see or hear that out here in Florida much.  So it was just meant to be.

Then today Friday, being the last day it was PARENT day.  Well it was supposed to be anyways.  Only 4 moms show up (zero dads), me being one of them and being the only one to show up and stay for the entire day.  

I have to say that I am very pleased with myself. For I did all the sprints, drills and challenges as all the guys and I kept up with them.  This being my first active day since before getting pregnant and after having Morgan.  I hit the ball really well today, best I have in a long time truthfully, and I won the "fly-ball catching challenge".  On the evaluations I sprinted up against this high school boy in the 40 yard-dash and he beat me only be 1 (one) second.  My time being 5.90. My little man was proud of me! However I am already feeling all the aches and pains that will worsen by tomorrow morning, but it really felt nice to be out in the sun, being active doing something I love (playing a sport and hanging out with my son).  

So it turned out to be a great week of baseball and parent day Friday!!!!   

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Keri said...

Love this post! I have totally shown up at a camp and realized that all the other children have snacks and lunches and my boys are empty handed....gotta love it! I would have been at the parent day, too. So much fun to play with the kids!

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