Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gold Coast Grill -

A week before I had Morgan my girlfriends treated me to lunch at a place I had never been to before called "Gold Coast Grill".  It was such a fun time and wonderful food.  We all had made a little "pack" to make this our little girls club (the group of girls that is) and to try to get out to lunch once a month.  Well as everyone knows that life alone is busy, but you place a child or two or three....then life sort of just happens with out any time frames because you are too busy to even look at a clock kind of busy. Before you know it 5 months has gone by.  Wow, 5 months already!!!!  Yea all you mommies know what I am talking about, don't you?

Well I finally was able to get the girls together for a lunch yesterday at "Gold Coast Grill" to introduce the new 'club' member, Morgan Paige. Carolyn brought her little girl who is 17 months, another new member.  With the two young new members, we had a total of 10 girls show up.   I tried to get a picture but it was just too hectic, so instead I had Val take one of me and my girl on our first 'girls lunch date", for I am sure there will be plenty of these in our future (God willing!) 

Here is the one shot we got from yesterdays "girls lunch".

3 Personal Thoughts:

The Haynes Family said...

Glad you got to get out for lunch with the girls! That is very important in this crazy time called "MotherHood" :) It really helps to get out every now and then! So, enjoy it and TRY to keep it a tradition!


wow that is fun! like a mommies and me!!! how neat you ought to do that at least once a month.
one time count us in!


hello misty are you taking any resvations at this time? lol

30 min meals look out misty is trying something new! and it looks good, you put rachel ray , palua deen to shame, iam the same way and when i finilly have that old cook book rafs runs away, but it comes out ok, iam not at all the cook in my family. the baker maybe i love sweets to back ect with the girls little cooking projects. you put martha. s to shame with that beautiful table setting 10 for trying. 10 for making it special. a girl can try right. whats tonight menu lol are

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