Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Book of Dreams

I'm obviously new to this, considering this is my very first time EVER to make my very own digital scrapbook art. I don't know how to take out part of images that I do not want in there yet, (the green background in the photo of Morgan I took) and I am not so sure that there is a way to do that unless you do it on photoshop. And, well, we all know that I haven't learned squat on my photoshop stuff.   So I tried to hide it with some sparkles and angel wings, to make my angel, more angelic. I did this entire image from scratch.  I'm loving it!!! 

It is very addicting as I was told.  I am going to call this one my "Book of Dreams".  I am so looking forward to putting together some photo albums for grandparents for holiday gifts. 

Good Night, I am off to bed!

PS:  I am still so thrilled about MckMama and Stellan's status today.  Go God!!!! 

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