Thursday, October 30, 2008

Night Two: Morgan Sleeping

I know for what I am about to say here in this post is probably due to the fact that Morgan is starting to feel what I have been dealing with this week.  However, regardless.....Thank you God!!!

As I mentioned yesterday, I am doing what I have been advised by my friends, family and Morgan's doctor, and refusing to feed her at her 2:00 AM wake-ups. Tuesday night was my first night, read previous post and well last night, my daughter, she slept from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM, not waking up or even fussing a little tiny bit.  I don't think she has ever slept this long uninterrupted before?

In fact, I was so shocked by it, I kid you not, I kept waking up thinking I heard something, to find myself starring at the monitor to see if she was a wake.  To then starring to see if she was still breathing. I got up twice to just check on her, touch her and make sure everything was okay.  She was fine, just really tired I guess.  

So around 8:15 Am I softly touch her cheek and she opens her eyes and looks up at me trying to focus her sleepy eyes and then gives me the most precious smile ever. You could see it in her face, she was rested.  She still sounded a bit icky in the nose.  However, after the day we had yesterday and the way I have been feeling, I needed that sleep too. 

Lets see how night 3 goes!!! And, yes, I sleep with eye masks.  Its the only way to go man!!!  

3 Personal Thoughts:


how are you feeling ? go you! nice job on the sleeping lady watch you will still wake up the first week and go to check on her a thousand times ha . yes i did that all by my self, go me i love this scrabblogger system i have all the expenisve stuff on my desk in the living room never got to it ill say my sister on the other hand in g.a does friday night mania scrap booking has a group of girls come over i dont know any one that does it here. i have fun i did that all by my self that was rewarding for me !it was awesome!!!! ill show you how to do stuff if you like i spent hours figuring it all out! , maybe next week ill buy the bagles and come stop bye the girls can play well when you all are better and show you these tricks that i learned . its fun and easy and you see results and lot cheaper just down load you phots which for us is no problem ill say.

iam not in the blogging mood today i think i e-mailed you personally what happened to gabby in church well then the thing in school with her fogetting her hw this teacher of hers put her in slient cubby for lunch like a mini prision over forgetting hw this is upserd, my daughter did not deserve this. its been quite a disapointment gabby thinks god is punishing her did not think she was good enough for this play.

well iam feeling blue over it and need to be a supporter for her . i show a good face but who am i kidding iam in tears now.

talk to u later my friend thanks for the comment i needed that today!!!


btw i also did the two below my header as well through this scrap blog it is addicting that is correct!

the halloween ones as well fun stuff

Aspiemom said...

Yeah Morgan! Yeah Misty! More sleep! Glad it's going well. I haven't read your devotional blog yet, but hope to soon when I have more time.

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