Monday, October 13, 2008

Not Me! Monday -

Okay is it me or does it seem like we almost look for things to happen on Monday to us just so we can have a really good "Not Me - Monday" story? Not Me! 

However, when looking for my "Not Me!" funny stories, life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans.  Three things that I did NOT plan to occur today Monday so I could write about my "Not Me, Monday" post.

1.  I did not just wake up to have flash backs of my entire pregnancy with Morgan, where my daily routine would be to wake-up, and before I could even pee, I would puke up my entire stomach until my ears felt like they were going to bleed and then so gracefully pee all over the floor and in my pants as I am puking.  I can handle blood and guts, but I can not handle very many 'smells'. So this morning Milo my fat cat did not come purring around me after just getting out of his littler box, just to give me a whiff of his rear-end causing me to run over to the sink gagging as if I am going to lose last nights dinner.  To which I did not think I had it under control to find myself running across the house into my bathroom to get into my puking position and puke and pee on myself this morning.  Not ME! 

No, she isn't driving me that crazy and while I am not desperate to find something to help the poor child out this Monday morning.  I did not give her these teething tablets I purchased, after reading the box saying "Please note: If your baby has been crying or is very upset, your baby may fall asleep after using this product because the pain has been relieved and your child can rest."  Then to look over at Morgan who was fussing and literately under 2 full minutes was a sleep in her bounce chair. Then which did not cause me to have a moment of concern and run over there to stare at her for about 30 seconds to make sure she was okay and think to myself "what did I just do to her?" because the pills could not have worked that fast, or what kind of DRUGS are in this bottle anyway?"  Not Me!!! 

3.  Last but not least, no I did not stay up till 1:00 am messing around on my computer, installing Norton Antivirus and scanning my computer for a couple of hours because my computer wouldn't allow me to get into my blogs or any blogs period, when I could not have gone to bed at 9:00 pm when Morgan went down. Because I did not keep getting an error message saying that my computer was coming up like a virus and so in order to protect the blogging site and the other bloggers I was not allowed in. I did not almost have a panic attack because I could not blog before going to bed, for surely it was not all that important to me to show my new hair cut/color, and it did not have to be done last night before going to bed in which it did not get it posted at 12:23 AM (MONDAY) morning, to which it then became a "Not Me - Monday" story.
 Not Me!!!!

And by the way I did NOT have 3 others up as late as me that did not leave me comments around 12:35 am. No Not Me.... so no need to go look at my comments because there wont be any there.  LOL 

PS:  No, Mr. Milo, my sticky booty kitty, did not just bring me this while I am sitting here trying to write out my "Not Me Monday" stories. While it is not seriously 9:54 AM because then that means there is still a lot of 'Not Me Monday' left.  Sigh.... NOT ME!!! 

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P.S.P.S. (or is it P.P.S.S.??) - No I do not just realize that my "Not Me - Monday" stories don't have to happen on MONDAYS!  I just have to share my "NOT ME" moments on Mondays.  Yes, maybe I don't need to add the low lites after all. Click here if you are lost by that last comment.

Gosh where is my brain this morning?  How could I leave out a NOT ME moment...

I did not go in Morgans room at 12:53 AM before going to bed myself and sneak my daughter that was sound asleep out of her crib, just to sneak in a bottle so she did not wake me up at 2:00 AM herself.  Nah....NOT ME!!!! 


2 Personal Thoughts:


oh you have a lot of not me in you girl, the pee storie something else, and the kitty , wow talented ill say , but let me tell you , those tetthing tablets are awesome i bought mine after my daughter would not stop crying and i could not handle it, leaving her crying i almost went to the store and purchaced ear plugs to help saound out the noise . but wow they worked wonders and opera did as well she became calm, as well as the ice teething packs

for kids and most of all the
baby oragel sp
iam sure i used a little bit, and that worked. i called my mom who is in the dential field
and asked her if it was alright and she said yes, sometimes doc offices say no cause they do not want you numming your babies all day long. and sometimes if you get the throat too much can cause it hard for them to swallow so need to be extra careful.

but yeh i can try it, really made me want to try it yes thanks mom, no really she said not too worrie use the tablets
and the ice and alter the gel for at night only a little bit is needed it nums quickly, all i wanted to do is add the whole tube to sleep cause the crying was unbareable, but once i started that altering the different teething things it worked and those teeth poped out!!!!! thank God!!!!! so yeh good luck...

Ashley Griffin said...

the teething tabs worked pretty good for us too. Or just a little JD on the gums... just kidding!!!!

And I never stress about not being able to blog for whatever the reason...

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